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How to Style Typical Section Titles in Agility 3.2

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Next up in this Styling Agility 3.2 for the Thesis Theme 2 lesson is styling the typical section titles. Let’s start by taking a look at where those are. This is a section title here. It’s the title that goes above one of these grid sections or it can go on top of a responsive column section.

These titles have typical styles associated with them just as all the other elements we’ve looked at. You can find those over here under typical font styles and then down to section title.

Again, you can choose the kind of font, its size, choose a color from its list and choose a wide range of font options. You can also customize the margin all the way around it. You can customize the padding all the way around it too.

You can customize the background color for that section title and you can also add a border to the section title. And that’s how you style this section title.

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