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Styling the Agility Skin for Thesis 2 – Part 2 – Styling Fonts in Agility

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With the colors set in the Agility skin for Thesis 2, now I want to set up my typical font styles. And most of my typical font styles can be found here under Layout, Fonts, Sizes and Colors.

Set Primary Font

I’m going to set the primary font. It’s set automatically to Arial but I actually want to go to Georgia. I prefer Georgia rather than Arial for the typical font style for this site. We’ll say okay to that and then I’m going to leave the headline sizes alone, I’m happy with those.

Style Headlines and Sub Headlines

We’re not using the site title and tagline so that doesn’t really matter but I do want to style some sub headlines and sub sub headlines. So in my subheadlines, I am going to set the font color to that red. And actually, I think I want to change the font family for that too.

I don’t remember off the top of my head whether or not I changed the font family on to the interior headlines. Okay, so I didn’t change that so we just go back to this. The sub headline we set the color and now we’ll set the sub sub headlines and we’re going to change those to Arial. Say okay to that.

Now we’re going to save design options and refresh the page. And you can see it’s slightly different. Not entirely but slightly different. Let’s see what the sub sub headlines will look like. There we go. Actually, now that I say that maybe we need to reduce the headline size just a little bit. We’ll take that size down from 36 to 32. There we go, perfect.

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