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Styling the Agility Skin for Thesis 2 – Part 3 – Styling Submit Buttons in Agility

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We have set the initial color scheme and the typical fonts in the Agility Skin for Thesis 2. Now, let’s take a look at these submit buttons because they are essentially illegible. These are very difficult to read.

Change Color of the Submit Buttons

To restyle the submit buttons and we can do that from, again, inside of Layout, Fonts, Sizes and Colors. Choose the submit buttons here. I think the font is fine but what I want to do is change the color.

I’m going to change the link text color to white and I’m going to change the background color to that light background color we used above. Then the hover text color is also going to white and then I’m going to use the dark background color I used above.

That’s what the submit buttons colors are now going to be. Say okay to that and save our design options. Come back over and refresh this page. We now have I think a somewhat more legible, easier to read submit buttons. Perfect.

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