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Thesis 2.0 Launch Party Part 3 – Parts of a Thesis Site

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Thesis Settings

Now, before we get too far down the road, I just want to explain the parts of a Thesis 2 site because Thesis now has 4 parts. The first part is the Thesis settings so everything that happens in here.


The second part are Thesis skins and skins are essentially the style that you create for the site and they’re entirely independent of each other and you can switch back and forth between skins and not lose any of the values of the one skin when you switch to the other but the skin is what the site looks like.


Boxes are specific functionality that are like plugins. I’ve written two boxes this week as I was learning how to use this. I wrote a box to allow people to drag and drop the orbit editor in the skin editor. I wrote one that will allow you to create a responsive header image and drag and drop a responsive header image or any kind of responsive clickable image actually.

Essentially, you can enter the image for each of the different sizes that you want to use then all you have to do is drag that to the place you want it to show up and all of the rest of it is automatic. Those are two boxes that I’ve already written and Thesis 2 users won’t be able to use any of my plugins but I am going to develop a bunch of boxes that extend the functionality of Thesis and you just add those boxes here.


Packages are similar to boxes except all they do is write CSS. Boxes are like plugins so they can do all kinds of things. Packages write CSS using the Thesis CSS system so all that CSS gets written all together into one file. Those are the 4 parts of the site, it’s the Thesis settings, skins, boxes and packages. You’ll use all 4 of these elements to create your site.

We are going to start off with the site and we’re just going to work on actually doing something. Here is a site, it is a 3-column layout, this is using the Thesis default skin. All of these settings are the Thesis Default Settings so on our homepage, it looks like this, our regular pages look like this, our blog page looks like this and our single post page looks like that. This is a standard default setup and essentially, all of the pages are the same.

This is what we’re going to create. We’re going to create the Barking Chihuahua Cafe and we’re going to do this without writing any code at all. All we are going to do is upload the images, set settings, rearrange things in the HTML editor.

When we finish, we’re going to have a menu that looks like this, we’re going to have a big logo image on the main page with the cool set of text down here, there’ll be a slider on the main page and the rest of the pages will have a nice green background, we’ll have footer widgets down here and the rest of the pages are going to have a smaller logo up here and the header area is going to take a lot less space. We’re going to do every single bit of this without writing any code whatsoever.

Let’s see, somebody asked whether or not when I’m going to have training on this. Now, I’m going to have training on this all week long. I’ve got 5 more sessions of classes scheduled and 4 of them are going to be perhaps a more structured approach to Thesis 2 than what we’re doing here today. One of them is going to be a code review so it’s really for technophiles who want to break open the code, get deep into the code and see what the code really looks like and we’ll probably talk about box creation, package creation and things like that in that section.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to create a box than it is to create a plugin and how seamlessly that integrates in with Thesis. I’m going to be announcing the revision, we’re going to start immediately revising this class, the Build a Professional Website Using WordPress and Thesis. We’re going to start that next week and we’re going to completely revise this course in that following month so we will be starting with this immediately.

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