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Thesis 2.0 Technical Review – Part 5 – Filters

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Thesis 2.0 comes with a new set of filters intended to make developing in the Thesis theme much easier. There are many more filters in the new Thesis theme than there were in Thesis 1.x. In this part of the seminar we look at a handful of those new filters.

The next thing we’re going to talk about are these filters in Thesis 2.0. I already mentioned one filter but if we look at a search for apply filters, the majority of the filters that you may be interested in are in box.php. And there are really tons of them.

There’s a post meta filter. There’s term options filter. There is a header attributes filter. There is a title filter and description and keywords. And then there are also filters like the get blog info filter. You can make all kinds of changes to those things and just grab on to those filters. I think the best way to find them is to use a text editor like this and search for apply filter so it can look through all that stuff.

The largest number of the filters you may want to interact with are included inside of box.php which is really where all of the output of Thesis happens. There is this Thesis CSS filter and css.php and there is a core templates filter which is something I’m going to be playing with very soon in templates.php.

You know I like Shopp. And Shopp worked pretty well with Thesis 1 but it doesn’t currently work with Thesis 2.0 because it’s looking for a page template and since there is no page template and no index template, it’s falling apart. And so what I want to do is a add a Shopp template to the core and see if I can make Shopp behave properly around that.

Anyway, there is this filter for Thesis core templates and Thesis template options which, I think, probably gives me the handle on which to make that kind of change. There are ways for you to still get to the widget title filter and the search form value filter.

I don’t actually, at this very moment, have a good explanation for you to how to use the new Thesis post meta functions. Thesis does include in the core the ability to add post meta, and without having to go to Herculean efforts, add it to certain places and then use that post meta in the context of a box or a package. So that’s definitely one of the things I’ll be working on pretty soon.

At any rate, there are a whole bunch of filters and the same thing is true of hooks, there are a whole bunch of hooks.

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