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Thesis 2.1 for DIY Website Builders – Part 6 – Move the Menu Below the Header Image Using the Thesis 2.1 Skin Editor

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So armed with this knowledge of the relationship of Thesis 2.1 boxes to actual pages, we are going to move this menu from above the header image to below it. We’re going to come over here to our Thesis 2.1 Skin Editor and we’re going to move that Nav Menu. The way you do that is just simply move it like this and now the Nav Menu is located below the Header.

Make Sure You Are On the Correct Template For Changes

Let’s hit save and come over and refresh, it didn’t move. Why didn’t it move? Well, it didn’t move because we changed it on the Home template. The Home template is our blog posts template and so on the Home template, it is moved but we were looking at our Front Page template.

You can click to edit the Front Page template down here and this is a great shortcut if you don’t have an editor already opened but since I have the editor opened, I’m going back over here. To make this change for all your pages you have to change it actually in each of your templates. So if you are making a change to a specific template only, make sure you are on that template.

So we changed it in our Home template. Now we’re going to change it in our Single template, then we’re going to change it in our Page template and our Archive template. And now when we refresh this, whoops, I must have not have done the Front page. I just did the Page but not the Front page template. Save the template, refresh the template. Now, all views, this is using the Page template here, this was using the Front page template there, this is using the Home template.

Changes Made to Parent Templates are Passed to Child Templates

I’m not displaying any categories so I can’t get to a Category template, an Archive template but it would be showing up the same there as well. To the extent that we haven’t changed any of these other child templates, the changes that we made to the parents are passed on to the child.

Well, let’s just look at the Category Archive template for a moment. The Category Archive template has the menu moved down because we changed the parent template. If I come over here to Categories and then view the All About Coffee category. Okay, so here we are, here’s our All About Coffee archive and the menu’s been down there. So that’s how you move things around inside of a template.

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