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Thesis 2.1 for DIY Website Builders – Part 7 – Remove the Text Box from the Posts and Archive Templates Using the Thesis 2.1 Skin Editor

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We just moved the Nav Menu below the Header in the Thesis 2.1 Skin Editor and now we’re going to move this picture out of here which is inside that text box.

Remove Text Box from the Sidebar on a Template

Here we are in our Archive page and the way you do that is to simply open up the sidebar and drag the box out. Now, that’s a shift+drag, it’s not a rearranging and I’m going to drop it right here.

Where to Put Removed Boxes

Now, if I drop there and save it, it would automatically delete it from every single template so you only want to do that when you really know you want to get rid of it. We’re not getting rid of it, we’re just moving it out of this template and so we’ll just drop it over here into the tool box.

If you open this up, now you can see that the sidebar text box is available for us to insert. That’s the box we just moved there, it didn’t used to be there but it’s there now and so we could place it back in there if we wanted to.

Remove Text Box from Another Template

We’ll save this template and then if we come and look at All About Coffee, we’ll see that that text box is now removed, it no longer exists in the template. I’m also going to remove it from my single posts so we’ll open up the Single template.

Let’s look at this toolbox. You can see that that text box isn’t here for us to add because it’s inside the template. So what we’re going to do is just come down to that and shift+drag the text box out of the way, drop it there, save the template.

See now that side of our text box could be added back because now it is in the toolbox and if we go to our Single template, that text box is gone.

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