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Thesis 2.1 Launch Party – Part 6 – Set your Heading Styles with Thesis 2.1 Design Options

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So we’ve set our site colors in Thesis 2.1 and now what we’re going to do is set our heading styles using the Thesis 2.1 design options. Now, this set up the color scheme but it’s inside of this dialog below, Layout, Fonts, Sizes, and Colors, where we’re going to set those kinds of things up.

Choose Headline Font, Font Size and Color

We set up layout and dimensions here and our primary font size. Now we’re going to start off by setting up our headlines. I’m going to select headlines here and in this case, I actually want to change up the font. I want to go back to Georgia for this and I like a great big font size so I’m going to say 34 pixels from my font size.

In terms of my font color, I want to use that kind of greenish blue color that I’m using there so I’m going to paste the hexadecimal code in for that color. Say okay to that for headlines.

Review the Changes on the Site

Now we’ll save our design options and then come over here and refresh the page. We can see now we’ve gone to a larger font with that nice green blue color. I also want to change my sub-headings. You can see I’ve got all these sub-headings in this page so I’m going to change those from this black color as well.

Choose Sub-Headline Font, Font Size and Color

So we come back over here and go to sub-headlines. Again, I’m going to use a Georgia font. This one I’m going to start off as smaller so I’m going to choose 24 pixels.

Then the text color here, I don’t want it to be that green, I want it to be a dark brown color so this is a lighter brown and the brown we use over here, this is the brown that shows up in the “Cafe” here. It’s kind of hard to see the difference but this is a darker brown and so, this is that color.

Review the Changes on the Site

Let’s save my design options and come over and refresh this. And now we have that brown color here for our headlines and it’s 24 pixels instead of whatever it was and it’s Georgia instead of Arial.

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