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Thesis 2.1 Launch Party – Part 10 – Style your Widget Areas with Thesis 2.1 Design Options

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The next thing we’re going to do to customize the Thesis Classic Responsive skin is style our widget areas in Thesis 2.1 Design Options. We’ve got these widget areas here but they aren’t styled perfectly and so, we’re going to do that inside of the Design Options.

Style Sidebar Headings

Primarily what that means is styling our sidebar headings. And again, we’re going to choose Georgia and we’ll choose 24 pixels for our font size. We’re going to choose that bluegreen color for our headings and we’re also going to style the font and the font size is going to be 16.

We aren’t going to specify a font which means it’ll automatically be Arial. But we are going to specify that the color is 111, it’s black. Save that and we’ll refresh this. Now our headings look better.

Actually, I guess we probably want a heading over that widget, don’t we? Now that we see what that looks like. Let’s see, slideshow, there we go, okay so we had control over this. Now, if we want to, you can see we’ve got this at 16 pixels. And let’s say you don’t want it at 16 pixels, maybe you want it at a smaller pixel rate so you could change the font size down if that’s what you wish but we aren’t going to do that.

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