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Remove Borders From all Pages In Thesis Classic Using Custom CSS

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The next thing we are going to do in This Thesis 2.3 for DIY Website Builders seminar is to remove all the borders. We are going to get rid of these borders here on the pages.

I have some code snippets for you that work in Thesis Classic Responsive. Come over and click on Resources on my menu and then scroll down you’ll see there’s this “Download the plain text version of the BYOBWebsite Code Snippets for Thesis Classic Responsive Skin”. If you download that you’ll have this set of code snippets that you can work with.

I’ll bring the code snippets document over here so you can see what it looks like. It has a bunch of different snippets and we’ll use a lot of them today.

We’re not going to remove the menu border yet. But we’ll copy that, remove borders. This is the first time that you will have seen this demonstrated and that is the Custom CSS.

As a DIYer if you are not the author of the Skin whether you are a professional or not then all of your edits should go in Custom CSS. Because if they don’t you stand the chance of losing those edits in a skin update.

We’ll paste the code snippet here to remove the header border. While I’m at it I also want to remove the column border and the footer border. I’m going to remove all of those borders with this code.

Let’s save Custom CSS and come back over to the site and flush the cache. Looks like I need to flush the browser cache as well so I’ll inspect the element here and fix that. You can now see that all of those borders are gone.

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