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Remove the Byline From Pages but Not Posts in the Thesis 2.3 Skin Editor

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Just as we moved the text box out of specific templates, we also want to do something similar with the byline. We want to remove it from pages but not posts. This is going to show you an example where the content of a box doesn’t change even though the box itself is used elsewhere.

Remove Author and Byline from Front Page Template

Let’s come over to our Front Page template. In this template we’ve got an author avatar, author, date, edit link, etc. We’ll we don’t really want that on the front page. All we want is the headline so what we are going to do is Shift+Drag the author avatar out and drop it there or in the tray. And we can Shift+Drag this byline out of here and drop it up there. Let’s save the template.

Remove Author and Byline from Page Template

Now if we go to our front page all that is gone. Well, the same thing is true with the page. We can come to our Page template and we can get rid of the author avatar and the byline. But I want the rest. Let’s save the template.

Now come over to a page and you can see the changes. But if you come back over to Cafe News the byline is still there. If we come over to a blog post, it’s still there.

Post Box: Have Different Content on Different Templates

Even though this is the same post box being used in these templates and even though that web page set the schema for that post box everywhere, the boxes that actually show up in that post box are not the same everywhere. You can use the same post box but have different content inside of them.

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