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Remove the Text Box from the Posts and Archive Templates Using the Thesis 2.3 Skin Editor

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We just moved the menu below the header image in Thesis 2.3 in the Skin Editor.The next thing we are going to do there is to remove the text box from the Posts and the Archive template but not from any other template.

Before I do that I want to come over to the Dashboard and go to Skin Content because we set the display over here to turn off the sidebar text box. We did that last week in the Introduction to Thesis 2.3 seminar. But now we’re going to turn that back on again. Now hit save Display Options.

Let’s take a look at the site. We’ve got our videos back now that we turned the text box back on in the sidebar. But we want to take them off of the blog page or the Posts page and off of the Archive template.

The way we do that is inside the Skin Editor. Choose the template. The first template was our Home template. Let’s come over here, down to our sidebar and then we can just move this text box off.

How to Move a Box Out of Another Box

Now it can be easier either to use this minus sign up here to close the boxes so that they are closer to drag or you can drag this down to where you are working so you can easily drag it off.

I showed you one move type, dragging, when we moved the menu below the header. But that only lets us move the box inside of the box it is already in which in this case is the sidebar. It won’t let us move it out of the sidebar box by dragging it.

So, if you want to move it out of the box it is in you have to Shift+Drag and drop it in the tray which is the gray box.

Let’s save the template and go back to the website. Now you can see that video is missing, it’s no longer there but when we click on a regular page, it’s still there.

Let’s also remove it from the Archive template. Go to that template and we’ll close up the content column and open up our sidebar column. Shift first then click on the box then drag and drop it in the gray tray area.

Again, if you want to just move this to a different place in the sidebar you can just drag it and drop it where the yellow highlighting appears. Those are places that are available to drop it. Again, you need to Shift+Drag to remove it from the container.

Let’s save that template and go back over to the templates. Let’s go to uncategorized and now it’s no longer in the sidebar on pages using that template.

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