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What are the Benefits of Using Thesis 2.3 with WooCommerce

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Let’s talk about the benefits of using Thesis 2.3 with WooCommerce before we get into customizations.

Inherent Benefits of Thesis 2

In the first place you get all the inherent benefits of Thesis. Its speed, its efficient and all that kind of stuff. Its schema, its SEO, all of the things that you are using Thesis for in the first place.

Seamless Integration

Secondly, it does come with seamless integration with WooCommerce. Really now a days all you have to do is install WooCommerce on a Thesis 2.3 installation and all of its aspects work perfectly right out of the box.

Thesis 2.3 Limits Excess WooCommerce Code

You end up getting a very highly optimized website because one of the things that Thesis does is it limits WooCommerce’s additional file loads like CSS and javascript. It limits those to the current store pages. You don’t need it on blog posts or your homepage necessarily or your front page. All that code loads there all the time without Thesis.

This is not uncommon with plugins. Most plugins behave that way. But Thesis has altered that behavior so it only loads where it is needed which makes your site quite a bit quicker.

Easy Customization for Developers

Finally, you have for developers and budding developers you have a fairly easy ability to override the Thesis and WooCommerce default behaviors so that you can reconstitute the pages the way you want them.

That’s not a beginner’s task. It is a PHP, HTML and CSS task to get it the way you want it but that’s the way it is with any typical customization of WooCommerce. Thesis gives you the ability to override what it does so that you can do what you want. So those are the benefits of using Thesis 2.3 with WooCommerce.

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