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Make a Specific Product Category Full Width

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We’ve been working on how to make the Shop page and other pages in WooCommerce full width on a Thesis 2.3 site. Now let’s make a specific product category full width.

For example, come back over to our Shop page and let’s make the Clothing one full width. Come to our Clothing category. Four of these in a row like that looks funny. If you want to just do it with a single category that’s what we’re going to look at first.

All you have to do is come up here to Edit Category which takes you over to the product category edit page. Scroll down here until you find the custom template and instead of no custom template you choose full page.

Now this is actually available to all taxonomy terms. So all categories, all tags, whatever your taxonomy happens to be you can change the template like that so that it has the full page.

The full page, of course, doesn’t have that ability to set the number of posts that show or does it? That would be odd. It does have a wp loop so let’s try it. Ordinarily a template like that wouldn’t just because it’s typically showing a single page.

Let’s view the site and go to Clothing. Yes, that works just fine. It does give you the ability to make this change.

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