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Give the Product Page a Separate Widget Area

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Something you may very well want to do in your WooCommerce, Thesis 2.3 store is to give your product pages a different widget area. This is especially true if you’ve got a bunch of pages and a blog and that sort of thing.

You may want to just create your own widget area to have essentially the WooCommerce widgets inside of it.

Add Widget Area in Template

What you can do in order to accomplish that is to edit this product template. We’ve already got the template editor open so we’ll just come over here to the Single and go down again to the product template.

Then come over here to Select a Box to Add and go down to widgets. We’ll just call this Store Widget Area. Close the content column, open up the sidebar and I’m going to shift+drag the text box and the sidebar widgets out and the store widget area in. Save the template.

Add Elements to the Widget Area

Then you can come over here to Appearance and Widgets. You’ve got your Store Widget Area and you can add, say the WooCommerce Cart and the WooCommerce Product Categories and perhaps the WooCommerce Top Rated Products.

Where the Widget Area Shows Up

Now reload this page. You now have those widgets here. If you come over to My Account they aren’t going to be there, if you go over to the Front Page it’s not going to be there. Obviously it’s not going to be on the Cart or the Checkout page because we made that Full Width. But it is going to be there on your product page which is probably where you want it.

You might be able to make an argument for having some of this kind of stuff on the store page but not if you’ve got 4 products across. With 4 products across it’s just too small if you are going to have a sidebar there.

So if you wanted to be able to use some of those filtering widgets you would probably change the number of products that show up here. I am going to show you how to do that in a few minutes.

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