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Start from Scratch with WooCommerce in Thesis 2.3

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If you are using Thesis 2 but haven’t started using WooCommerce yet then the first thing to do is to upgrade to Thesis 2.3 and then to install and setup WooCommerce.

Review WooCommerce Site After Thesis 2.3 Upgrade

This class is not about how to install and setup WooCommerce. But once you’ve done that this is what you have, you have a main shop page that has your products. It essentially cycles through your products.

You have product pages that have reviews and descriptions. If you click over to the reviews you can see those.

If you click the Add to Cart, it’ll add the product to the cart. If you view the cart you can see all the products in your cart. If you proceed to checkout then you can enter all your information and that sort of thing.

And it has a my account function where you could see orders, downloads or your address, account details or logout. All that sort of thing is going to be on here.

All of the pages work exactly as they should without you doing anything about it. All you did was install WooCommerce and set it up.

Understanding the Shop Page in WooCommerce

There’s one thing that I want you to know that may not be obvious to you and that is this Shop page is an integral part of WooCommerce. So if you are selling only a single product, the shop page is kind of a pain because you’ve got just a single product here. But WooCommerce automatically creates it for you. It automatically creates the page called “shop” and automatically directs the product post type archive page to that URL.

You could go over to the shop page right now and edit away and nothing would show up here because WooCommerce is replacing whatever content might actually be in the shop page with the product post type archive content.

And that’s its automatic behavior in all themes including Thesis. Even if you have told it that you don’t want a shop page it won’t matter. I’ll show you. We’ll go over to the product settings and the in To Display I’m going to turn that option off. I’m not selecting any page now for the shop page.

But once I save my settings and go back to WooCommerce and go to shop, it’s still there. I’m not able to get rid of it. That is no big deal for you if you’ve got a store like this with lots of products but it’s a total pain when you’ve got just one product that you are selling.

Options to for “Hiding” the Shop Page

You don’t want someone to go to a shop page and find one lonely little product there. If this is the case for you, you’ll probably want to not put the shop page in your menu. You may also want to make the shop page no index, no follow. Those are things that you can do so that people don’t land on your shop page. That’s what happens with the shop page, you get it whether you like it or not.

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