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Add Support for the Photo Gallery

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Now we’re going to look at support for the photo gallery on a Thesis 2.3, WooCommerce store. And that something you’re changing, you’re going to automatically have support for the photo gallery? Chris?

Chris: Yes. So the next release includes automatic script generation to support those things.

Use BYOB-WooCommerce Optimizer Box

Rick: If you want it right now, again, you can use that optimizer box that we just installed. And under those box options, this is really the easiest way to do this at the moment. You could add the photo gallery scripts everywhere but really the photo gallery scripts are only used on single product pages.

Photo Gallery Scripts Benefits

So, you could just check this box, save it and now when we go to a product you’ve got the little zoom thing here that lets you zoom around. It gives you a bigger version and allows you to scroll through the various images. That’s the photo gallery feature. And if you want to add that feature to your site, you can.

It also allows you to zip back and forth and in mobile view you can switch back and forth with your finger. If you want that functionality then you can get it by installing that. It does also allow you to do it on a template by template basis and on a page by page basis in the very same way.

Deva asks “To clarify, with the next Thesis update we will no longer need the WooCommerce optimizer box?”.

Chris: Not True.

Rick: Well, the optimizer box is going to give you more control. It sounds to me like it’s going to give you more control, beginner’s in particular, over where scripts are loaded.

Chris: Yes. In the next version I’m giving addons like Rick’s box there more control over exactly what gets output. I feel like ultimately that was the right answer because everyone’s site is a little different. It’s possible to create a box like Rick has done that allows you to really tailor your resource usage regarding WooCommerce.

For example, we’ve got the zoom, the light box and the slider features which were new in WooCommerce 3.0 which Rick added to his optimizer box and which I’ve now added to Thesis as well.

The way they ask theme developers to incorporate it is kind of ham fisted. You have to add theme support for it so it’s really just going to add it whether you like it or not on applicable pages. So, Thesis just blankly turns them all on and that optimizer box will give you the ability to just do a checkbox and just turn parts off. It gives you a more finite level of control there.

Thesis has to give you everything at this point, the whole kitchen sink because the expectation already exists in the marketplace for other themes that this stuff is just going to work. The reason that it is just going to work is because your site’s now going to be a piece of crap that’s been loaded down with 10 million scripts but that’s the expected behavior.

Any time Thesis violates that out in the wild people complain about it. I sick of fielding those kinds of questions and having people think that Thesis is somehow different and inferior because of its differences. It’s false. So we are just giving expected outcomes up front and allowing power users to go in and make these kinds of changes to really put their site’s on steroids.

Rick: Well, given that situation we are going to make the box free then. Anyone can come download the box from my site. I still want everybody to have that ability.

Chris: It’s a critical ability. I actually thought about adding another admin page to the site menu specifically for WooCommerce if Thesis detects that the site is running WooCommerce. We can easily extend those options that you have in your box to this theoretical admin page. I guess, the big picture here…we’re always fighting additional complication. And with in depth video resources like this one, it’s very good but it’s just walking a tightrope between what do you give people and how much is too much. It already seems like Thesis is too much for the marketplace.

Rick: I know what you mean. We’ll convert this over to a free box and you can all download it from my site. It is my feeling that everybody should have the opportunity to take advantage of being able to turn off extra stuff and speed up their site.

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