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Make the Rest of the Store Pages Full Width

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You just saw how easy it was to make the WooCommerce Shop page full width in Thesis 2.3.

Distraction Free Checkout Page

Now let’s say you want to make your cart page full width. Chances are by the time you get somebody to the cart or checkout you don’t want anything in the sidebar distracting them. It’s actually quite a bit easier and something that I often forget to teach beginners.

Edit Page Not the Template

Let’s just come over and edit the page itself. You’re not editing the template, you are editing the page. Just come down here to Thesis Skin Custom Template and choose the full page.

I actually answered a question this week of somebody who came to one of these classes. She said she wanted to use Thesis but she had to leave because she wanted to be able to have some pages that have full column while other pages have two columns.

Any Post or Page Can Have Custom Template

She felt like she had to leave Thesis in order to get that functionality but it’s essentially the simplest template concept in Thesis or anywhere really. It’s a very simple template concept. If you’ve got custom templates, any page or post can always have the custom template. And I made her day.

Anyway, you change that full template and come back over and view the page. Now you have essentially a distraction free page.

Classic Responsive Skin and WooCommerce

Chris: Quick note. Classic Responsive, the WooCommerce integration was actually designed with exactly these modifications that Rick is making. Specifically I don’t think you should use the sidebar on any of these WooCommerce pages. Exactly the method he showed on any regular style of page, anything that tells you that it’s going to be using the page template, you can just edit the page and select whatever template you want as he’s doing now and boom, you’ve got it.

That’s the easy way to do it. He actually showed you the hard way first when you have a weird kind of non standard page like an archive page where you don’t really have a direct analog for controlling that page inside the WordPress admin. We do that through modifying that template and actually copying over the full page template.

Rick: Now, don’t be getting ahead of me. 🙂 I did do that one but I’m going to show people how to use a full page on a category, on a product category.

Chris: Well, you just did that, right? I see what you are saying. You could do that one as well. There’s multiple layers here.

Rick: Let’s update this full page. Now the checkout, again, is distraction free which is the way I think it should be as well.

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