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Upgrading an Existing Store

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The very first thing we are going to do in this Thesis 2.3 for the WooCommerce Store Owner seminar is to upgrade an existing store because many people have been operating Thesis and WooCommerce since Thesis 2 came out.

WooCommerce Thesis Integrator Plugin

They’ve been using a plugin that was created by Serge Liatko, the WooCommerce Thesis Integrator plugin. It made the connection between Thesis and WooCommerce so that Thesis would be able to display products the way WooCommerce wanted.

If you’re upgrading an existing store where you are using the Thesis WooCommerce integrator plugin, I’m going to show you quickly how to upgrade to Thesis 2.3 and to still maintain the functionality that you expect and that you are looking for.

Upgrade Process

This is a demonstration site using the WooCommerce Thesis integrator plugin. It was intended to be setup with a bunch of default content added to it. Let’s go over to the dashboard and we are going to start off in the Skin Editor.

Make a Skin Backup

First we are going to make a backup of the skin settings where we are right now. I like to do that before any kind of significant upgrade. This is upgrading from 2.2 to 2.3 which I think of as a significant upgrade. So we’re just going to save it and create a new backup prior to upgrade.

Update to Thesis 2.3

Say “Okay” to that and come back over to the dashboard. You see that Thesis 2.3.3 is available, update now. So we’ll just push the button now and update it. Then return to Thesis.

Deactivate WooCommerce Thesis Integrator

The next thing we are going to do is deactivate that WooCommerce Thesis integrator. Go down to Plugins and to Install Plugins. Scroll down until you find the integrator and deactivate it. We don’t have to delete it at the moment. With it deactivated its functionality is gone.

Reset Defaults in Templates

Now that it’s deactivated we just need to fix the templates. Let’s go back over to Thesis Skin Editor and the first template we are going to go to is the Single Product Template which is under the Single.

Single Product Template

Press the plus button there and it’ll get you down to Product. All we are going to do is click on Product here and then select a template and choose “Single” to copy it back into.

So we are essentially copying the default Single template back into the Product template which is the way it was set up originally. We changed that Product template when we installed the integrator plugin. Say “okay” to that.

Products Template

Now that we’ve changed the Product template. The next thing to do is to change the Products template which is under the Archive. And the Products template is the product post type archive page.

So click on that template. This time we click on the name again and in the copy from template dialogue we will select the Archive template. Copy the template back in.

Product Category and Tag Templates

Then come back over to Products and now we’ll choose the Product Category and Product Tag Archive pages. Come down here to these two here, so tag and category not tag and category up here.

Come over to Category and click on it again. Select Archive and copy the template. Then come over to Category again and under Archive we’ll go to the Tag. No this is set up fine so that’s not the right one. Let’s come up to the Tag above it and this is the one. We’ll click on it again, select a template. Choose Archive and copy from template. And that’s it.

That’s really all that we have to do. Let’s take a look at the site and come back over to our Shop and it still looks pretty much the same except we’ve got the pagination at the top and bottom. Let’s look at one of the product pages and it looks pretty much the same and if you go to Cart or Checkout or My Account it looks fine.

That’s how you upgrade an existing store to get all the benefits of Thesis 2.3 without the interference of the WooCommerce Thesis Integrator plugin.

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