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Create a Widgetized Footer with the BYOB Simple Thesis Classic Responsive Footer Widgets Box

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Now that we have had a chance to work with text boxes in Thesis 2.3 the next thing that we are going to do learn how to install a box. This box, in particular, is one that you can download from my website,

It is available free to free members of the site. Once you have created your account and logged in, come over here to Member Benefits and Thesis 2.3 Boxes. Go to the Free and click that. It’s this BYOB Simple Footer Widgets for Thesis Classic Responsive Skin.

Works with Multiple DIY Themes Skins

This actually works with all the DIY Themes Skins so far. We’ve tested it with all of them that have come out and it works just fine. Let’s go over and take a look at it. There’s a video on how to use the box.

How to Download and Install a Box

Since we’re logged in we can just click this download link here. You install boxes from the Thesis Manage Boxes menu. It’s not a plugin. If you try to install it like a plugin it’s going to tell you that it’s not a plugin.

This is a Thesis box so all you have to do is check “upload a new box” and choose the file. In downloads here it is, BYOB Classic Footer Widgets zip. Add that box. And then put a check right here because that activates it. Click “save boxes”.

Choose How Many Widgets to Add

Now when you come up here you can see that when you click on the boxes menu you see a Footer Widgets Menu here. So, if you click on Footer Widgets. It gives you a choice of deciding how many widgets you want across the bottom of the footer. We’ll say 3 and save it.

Save Design Options to Set the Widgets

Now if you refresh your page, you’ll see that we’ve got these 3 footer widget areas stacked right here. Now the reason they’re stacked is because we still have to come back over to our Skin Design and save our design options. What that does is generate the Skin CSS and now that we’ve done that…we have to flush the cache again.

Why the Box Doesn’t Appear in the Skin Editor

Reload it and here’s your full page and here are your 3 widget boxes. Something to note is that unlike most boxes that add stuff to your skin like this, this doesn’t actually show up in the Skin Editor. Often if you are going to install a box it’s going to show up in the Skin Editor and if somebody looks at the template they’re going to see it.

But here if we come over to our front page template and look in our footer, there’s nothing there. We’ve still got the footer and the attribution, wp admin link, but there’s no widget areas in here and there aren’t going to be any because that something that’s designed for people who do not want to have to open the Skin Editor and edit their templates.

Add Specific Widgets to the Widget Areas

We’ll come over here and add some widgets. Appearance and Widgets. Now you can see the footer widgets show up here. We’ll take some recent posts and put them in one of the widgets. We’ll take some categories and put them in. Then take a search and put it in the main widget area. For the last widget we’ll add some contact information. Just type it in here. Hit save.

Let’s go back over to the site. There we go. We’ve got our recent posts, our contact us and we’ve got categories. That’s good for the moment.

Remove the Widgets from a Specific Template

It is theoretically possible to remove these widgets from a specific template. Let’s say that you were working on the Services page and you decided that you wanted to use a Landing Page template for that. If you hit update to this and then view that page, there it is your Landing Page template and there are our 3 widgets.

But if you don’t want the widget areas on your Landing Page template, you can come over here click to edit that. Go to the Landing Page options, so that is hover your mouse directly beside the landing page and click on that little gear wheel. Come over here to Footer Widgets and you can check “Remove Footer Widgets from this Template”. Now when we view the site, you can see this page doesn’t have the widget areas.

So that’s how you can add essentially a widgetized footer.

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