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Style Your Widget Areas with Thesis 2.3 Design Options

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The next thing we are going to do is style those widgets that we just added to the Thesis 2.3 footer area. And we are going to do that in the Design Options.

Come over here to Skin Design and if we open up this you can see we’ve got sidebar and sidebar headings. For Sidebar headings I’m going to choose Arial. And for my font size I’m going to use 24 pixels. And for the text color I’m going to choose that 669CA4 that we’ve used elsewhere.

Then for the sidebar text we’re going to leave the font family blank so it will get Georgia. We’re actually going to leave the font size blank too but we’re going to change the color to 111. It’s a dark black. Right now the text color this brown. We want it to be black.

Let’s save our Design Options. Come back over here and flush the cache. Then inspect element and reload the page and you can see the text is black but we’ve got the bluer color as our recent posts and our links are this brown color. So you can tell the difference between a link and the text here.

That is using Design Options to change the styles of our widget areas.

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