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Thesis 2.3 Allows You to Do All your Work in the Browser

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The fifth reason that Thesis 2.3 for WordPress will knock your socks off is that you can do all your work in your browser. Chris was talking about that just a moment ago but those of you who are G suite people, Google docs people, people who have become accustomed to document editing and excel spreadsheet editing and all kinds of things like that where you are editing inside the browser.

We’ve become accustomed to using the browser for the work that we do. The nice thing about that is that we don’t have to haul the tool around with us. If you are out of town you can just login to the website and make changes to the website without having your code editor or your FTP client or any of the rest of that stuff available to you. And that’s because almost everything you want to do can be done inside the browser.

Part of that means that there’s no more FTP. Everything you want to do happens inside the dashboard. You can upload, delete, download stuff inside the dashboard without using an FTP client. You don’t have to set permissions anymore. You don’t have to rename folders like you still have to do in Thesis 1.89. All of this stuff is now handled for you inside of Thesis 2.3.

We also have a CSS editor now. We’ve got the code editor. Now you have probably noticed or heard that you can add custom CSS to some themes if they implement the WordPress CSS editor.

You can edit the CSS in some themes if you open up the theme itself and hack it directly but you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff in Thesis because you’ve got a CSS editor in front of you all the time. And it’s not just a text editor. It’s an error checking syntax highlighted CSS editor and that can employ variables.

So it means that you can do all of your web development no matter where you are and no matter what device you are on as long as you can load up WordPress. Then you can load up the Skin Editor or you can load up the custom CSS or Skin CSS or where ever it is you happen to be working and do your work.

I find that to be much simpler. It makes it very nice to have a tool that all that stuff happens in.

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