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Add Your Own Copyright with Thesis 2.3 Attribution

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The next thing we are going to do is create our own copyright using the Thesis 2.3 Attribution box. That’s this box here. If we’re coming back over to skin content, here’s our attribution. The attribution options here are going to replace the default attributions.

You can easily say “Copyright 2017, The Barking Chihuahua Cafe. All rights reserved”. Now we’ll come back over and reload this. You can see the new copyright here.

You can put HTML in this as well. So, let’s say you wanted to put a different website here. Let’s copy this and go back over to our sandbox page. Paste that text and then let’s say we want this to be a link. So we can click that insert link and say “”. Click the apply button.

Now you can come back over to the text view of the editor and copy that and then go back over here to your attribution text, paste it. Save your options and reload your options. Now it’s clickable and takes you off to the site shown.

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