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Thesis 2.3 Allows Very Complex Customization Via Drag and Drop

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We just talked about how Thesis 2.3 for WordPress is infinitely customizable. That brings us to benefit number 4 which is that Thesis allows very complex customization via drag and drop.

We’re not going to talk about that a lot today because the drag and drop feature is in the Skin Editor which we’ll be talking about in an upcoming seminar. But things that used to require a code editor, an FTP client and a physical file and you’d write some code like “remove action thesis hook head”, “add action thesis hook” you can do via drag and drop in the Skin Editor.

Those were the kinds of things you used to have to do in order to move stuff around on your website. Today if you want a menu down below the header all you do is drag it down. If you want a menu at the bottom of your web page all you do is put it there. And you do that via drag and drop.

It’s not necessary for an ordinary person to understand hooks and filters in order for them to rearrange the way their page lays out. All they have to do is understand the Skin Editor system and then they can just drag boxes around and it works perfectly every time.

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