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Remove Author and Date References with Thesis 2.3 Content Options

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We are almost finished customizing this Thesis 2.3 website. One of the final things we have to do is to get rid of the display of the author and the date off of these pages. And we’re going to get rid of this edit link and the wp admin link. We’re going to take out all of those.

Let’s come back over here to our Dashboard and then to Skin Content again because these things are all display dependent now. We’ve got our site title and tagline both of which we are showing. We’ve got our post and page output. And in this case we want to remove the author and remove the date.

Let’s go over to Miscellaneous we can get rid of the wp-admin link. We’re not going to get rid of skin attribution because that now has our copyright. But we will get rid of the wp-admin link. Save that.

Let’s flush the cache. There you go. We’ve taken those out. We still need to get rid of the edit link but maybe I can’t do that here. Nope, I can’t do that from post and page layout. It’s not in miscellaneous either.

Also, that’s not really the menu I want. We can set the menu from the Nav Menu link here. I’m going to choose test menu. It’s a really short menu here.

So you can see this sort of combination of Skin Content, Skin Display and Skin Design all working to take that formerly Thesis looking site and changing it to something more unique.

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