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Add Sitewide Video, Images or Text with the Thesis 2.3 Text Box

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I want to show you the kinds of things you can do with a text box in Thesis 2.3. This text box is filled in Skin Content. If you don’t happen to remember that, if you see that note here that says “click here to edit this text box”, it’ll take you right to that text box in Skin Content.

You see this Back to Classic Responsive Skin Content Options? You can come like that over there and it takes you back to Skin Content. And we were looking right here in this sidebar text box.

What Can You Add to a Text Box?

You can put any kind of text or HTML that you want. For example, we are going to start off with a video. I’ve got this YouTube video here.

Add a Video

All we have to do is grab the embed code and come over here to our text box, paste it there, save options, reload it.

Chris: There’s a content filter that I may need to apply that may not be applied to text boxes yet. But the iframe version of the video certainly works.

Rick: We can use the iframe in this case. Then since we are using the iframe, I’m not a lover of that but let’s go ahead and change the width. Oh, they aren’t going to give us the ability to change the size here.

Chris: You can change it when you…just keep the same aspect ratio. Just copy and paste it in there and then change the numbers. I see what you are saying is that you used to be able to change the size there.

Rick: Yeah. The last time I used an iframe you could specify the height and width of the iframe. So this is 320×180. 320/16 x9 = 180. That’s it. So save the options and there we go. So you’ve got the iframe that can show up there.

Add an Image

We can also, if we want, put an image in there. Beginner’s aren’t going to know what an image tag looks like or at least you might not know so the easiest thing to do is to come over to your Pages and create a Sandbox page. Make the page private so it never shows up anywhere.

How to Get the Image Info for Beginners

Now on this page just click “add media”. And pick an image that you want to add in the text box. I’ll take this image and we’ll use a medium size, alignment none and link to none. Insert it into the page. We can actually now change its size if we wish. Custom size.

Update that and then all you have to do is come over to the text side of the sandbox page and copy that little block of text. Now go back over to the text box and you can put it where you want in the box.

Chris: I’m looking for an easy button answer for this one. You should just be able to put the URL in there and have it work.

Rick: In any case, this is the kind of thing you can use. Any kind of HTML you want to put in a text box you can add.

Add Shortcodes

Actually, I forgot about one of the fundamentally most useful things for the text box is shortcodes. So if you are using a plugin that shows products in a shortcode. You could add that product shortcode here.

If you are using Google maps and Google plugin and the Google maps produces a shortcode, you can use that here and it would place the map there for you. Anything that you can do with a shortcode will work by simply inserting that shortcode in the text box.

It’s a very useful application of the text box. I actually use it for mostly is displaying shortcodes.

How to Hide a Text Box

One thing I forgot to demonstrate here was that we can hide this text box altogether. Come back over here to our Skin Content in that display section, display options. You can see in the sidebar you can choose to hide the sidebar text box. And if you do that it’ll be gone. And all you have left is a place for you to put a widget.

So that’s how that display section works. We’ll play around with this section a bit more throughout the seminar.

2 Comments… add one
2 comments… add one
  • Kevin Thomas May 18, 2017, 1:24 am

    Is there any advantage of using the Thesis text box over adding a text widget to the sides bar?

    • Rick Anderson May 22, 2017, 2:54 pm

      No – not at all. You would use a text box someplace you want HTML but don’t have a widget area.

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