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Upgrade a Thesis 1.8.5 Site to Thesis 2.1 Using the Classic Responsive Skin – Part 13 – Question and Answer

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Rick: Now, I’m going to open it up to questions; somebody noticed a couple of things that I didn’t quite get done and you’re right. I did not actually, oh edit did not get removed. Okay, let’s get rid of edit anyway. Skin Editor, actually Page Output, that’s actually not in the Display Content section to remove. We’ll just come over to the Editor and in the Headline Area, Byline Area shift+drag that in the Home Post Box and then drop that in the tray so the edit is no longer there. And save that and then if we come over to the Single we can do the same thing. Shift+drag Edit into the Home Post Box and then drag it down to the tray and save that, and got rid of that stuff. Okay, so it’s time for questions folks.

Somebody asked when I was going to be recorded and yes it has been recorded. It will be available on the site next week, let’s see.

Sean asks, are they task that you should do on 1.8.5 site to make sure it’s easier to change it to 2.1? No, I don’t think so, beyond making sure that you have the development site set up so that you can switch back and forth and compare the existing functioning site to what you’re working on, so there if there are settings or things that you need to copy you can copy it to the existing site rather than working on the live site.

Tecla asks if I will teach on how to upgrade from Thesis 2 to 2.1, and yes, except that you know when the upgrade from inside the dashboard is available to you all you have to do is upgrade. We’ll talk about how to adjust for dealing with things like changes in Agility and stuff like that but Classic responsive doesn’t change Thesis Classic. And so, if you want to use Classic Responsive you’ll have to reconfigure Classic Responsive to match what you’ve done in Thesis Classic. So, actually the upgrade process is really simple unless you’re going to change skins.

Let’s see, Jim asks about Agility are there plans for making it work with the new Thesis? It already works with the new Thesis, it works just fine with the new Thesis. There are a couple of things that don’t show up but in the next day or so you’ll see an upgrade in your dashboard that says upgrade Agility and those things will show up again. But otherwise, everything; there are only two things that I’ve created that don’t work with Thesis 2.1 at the moment. The first one is that Skin Copier Plugin and it won’t even install itself, it recognizes that it’s not compatible and won’t install and I’m discontinuing the use of that because of Thesis developer tools. And secondly, what’s the other thing that is; and the other thing is exclude categories from posts and if you’ve already got it installed and configured it will continue to work but I need to update it so that it’s interface, so that it’s box settings changes. But besides that, there is absolutely no; no changes. Okay, so Jared asked what are the pros and cons between Thesis 2.1 and Genesis 2, and what is Genesis better at and what is Thesis 2.1 better at? Well, I will be doing a; as soon as Genesis 2 is released, it’s in beta version right now it will be released here…they say they’re going to release it hard on the heels of WordPress 2.6 being released so, sometime in the next week or two there will probably be a seminar essentially similar to this for Genesis 2. And immediately after that I will do a comparison, a detailed comparison of Genesis and Thesis like I did with Genesis 1.9 and Thesis 1.8.5. However, to sum it up Genesis still remains a good choice or perhaps the best choice for someone who does not really want to learn how to customize a site and who finds a Genesis Child Theme that they’re happy with.

As soon as you want to customize it then you have to learn more code than you would in Thesis in order to customize a Genesis Child Theme. You may have a close to starting spot, so it still might be a good choice if ,you just going to make some minor modifications but the minor modifications in Thesis are much simpler than minor modifications in Genesis. But Genesis, has the ability to give you a polished-looking; professional-looking site, you know in just a few minutes because the styling is already done for you and you don’t really have very many styling choices.

Whereas with Thesis, Thesis is a blank canvass and you’re given a set of tools to work with and make the canvass look the way you want to look. And so, in terms of; that’s really going to be the fundamental difference between, between the choice of Genesis and Thesis. Thesis is very powerful which means that you have to learn how to use it and Genesis is very powerful for developers but it doesn’t attempt to be easily customizable for regular folks so. That’s about where that stands, okay. Somebody asks again whether or not this addresses the conversion of Thesis 2 to 2.1? No, this does not address that this is a 1.8.5 to 2.1.

There’s essentially, and I suppose I can demonstrate this tomorrow; I suppose I probably should demonstrate this tomorrow. There’s essentially no difference. You can upgrade from Thesis 2 to 2.1 right now and not have an effect to your site anyway unless you’re using a skin that is not compatible with 2.1 but if you’re using one of my skins it’ll work just fine. And if you are using Classic it will work fine and unless you have a bunch of your own custom programming in it it’s going to work fine too. So, I really wouldn’t worry about; that very much but I will be glad to demonstrate that I think tomorrow or in the Wednesday session.

Okay, now we’re going go to Julie, let’s see Julie. Good morning Julie, I just unmuted your microphone. Are you with me Julie, okay I’ll leave your microphone unmuted here but you asked what to do with numerous custom functions. My recommendation Julie is that you watch the, that you watch the videos on; you go to the Seminars on the Thesis 2.1 for Web Design Professionals in that I demonstrate how you take a php function and implement it in Thesis 2.1. Now, the chances are the majority of the stuff that you would have done in Thesis 1.8.5 using php won’t be doing is in php anymore. So, it depends on what it is you’re doing but if this is your first experience with Thesis 2 you should definitely watch all three of these Seminars before you get too far into customizing it because there’s lot information in those. But you have a choice of using either a master php file or the custom php file depending upon where you want the control these additional stuff to reside. So, somebody asks when is tomorrow’s session; you can find all of my sessions here under Event Registration. You just click on that and you’ll find links to all of the classes that are scheduled. So I have a 9 am, where are we now; the 16th, so I have a 9:00 am and 5pm tomorrow and then a 9 am on Thursday. And I’m guessing something is going to crop up for next monday here at the moment but I’m not absolutely of that. So, there’s going to; anyway just go to event registration and see where the events are that are being offered. Okay, any more questions here I’m looking for more questions on Thesis 2.1 and the material that we covered.

Okay, Bob’s got a question. Good afternoon Bob I just unmuted your microphone. Bob? Hello, Bob? Bob says, in Thesis 1.8.5 I use Cantrall; Google Font Cantrall. yes, you can use it here now I do have a video on how to use Google Fonts with Thesis 2 already on the site. Let’s see, probably just sitting under Live Answers though; how to install Cufon Fonts and then, come on I know I have it in here some place. This is one of the very early; well, maybe I should have searched. Google Fonts Thesis 2, there it is Thesis 2 to 2.1 where I use Google Fonts. You can use a, this shows you how to implement Google Fonts in Thesis 2.0 and it will work just as well in Thesis 2.1 so.

Lance got a question, Lance I’m going to unmute your microphone; good afternoon Lance I’ve just unmuted your microphone.

Lance: Hi, how are you today?

Rick: I’m doing well, how are you?

Lance: Not too bad.

Rick: Good.

Lance: I’ve been playing around with the beta version and I can’t; but this is going to, a wordpress thing for a while I believe. I can’t post the sidebar down with 100% height.

Rick: and what you mean by that is, you can’t make the…

Lance: I can’t make the sidebar the same length as the column, or the content column.

Rick: right, and why does that matter?

Lance: because it’s a different color, you know a border on the side of it

Rick: so, there’s a fairly easy solution for that though…

Lance: I know the image solution is one though

Rick: yes, exactly. See, the thing is that html always expands vertically to accept its content or to envelope its content. And you can you know, theoretically set a height and fix the height for that but the problem is you don’t know what the height is everywhere. I mean if you knew what the height is everywhere you would set the height and color and that would be fine.

Lance: right.

Rick: But you don’t know that height so that’s not a workable solution and you do then need to use a repeating background image. You know it doesn’t have to be a big image, right? It only has to be 20 pixels tall and however wide your sidebar is.

Lance: Right, we already have one that puts an outside border on the whole content; so all I need to do is just line it up with the sidebar that’s already there so I mean it’s not a big deal I thought it might have been better to hear a different solution

Rick: No, that’s the only solution that I know of. You know, you could go find some JavaScript that would equal out columns; but you’re going to have JavaScript running on every page. You know calculating the height of columns and then trying to equalize them. That’s the only other solution that I know of.

Lance: gotcha

Rick: but I think that it’s lighter weight to use a background image than it is to…

Lance: no, that’ll work fine; and if you have time I mean get somebody else but I have another question….

Rick: go ahead, no.

Lance: As I’m looking at our layout on the html I have the header on top of the a..with the html box sitting directly on top of the columns box?

Rick: uhuh…

Lance: But, my background image the one the one we we’re talking about before it fits the border on the side of the page goes all the way above the header.

Rick: can you give me a URL?

Lance: ah, yes although you can’t see it cause I kinda went around it; but it’s ah, here we…send it to you. So, in order I’ve got header nested in the container and then I have columns under that and inside the columns is content column and the sidebar column. Now, the content column or the columns actually stop at the footer as they should but at the top they go past the header.

Rick: am I looking at it right now?

Lance: You are but three images have kind of; we’ve put a background image on the header. Actually, let me remove that and the…you can see. Running a little slower today, thank you so much for doing this work…

Rick: Sure…

Lance: hope your stuff

Rick: hey, it’s a great job! I like my job…

Lance: it is taking it’s sweet time to delete that image…that

Rick: Okay, it seems to be gone now.

Lance: oh, that’s odd it’s actually stopping in here so… the dash is we’re going up past.

Rick: Which dash is are you referring to?

Lance: Ah, the one’s on the side of the…

Rick: these right here?

Lance: right, right.

Rick: okay, so you’re using borders on columns content.

Lance: just on the top.

Rick: oh, just on the top okay. The sides are these two; okay, is that dash? Under columns, well they would….One reason why they might continue above the header is if your header doesn’t actually have a height which might happen because of floats. Right, what will happen if there’s a floating issue; hang on a second. If you floated something inside the header and have not cleared that float, the header container can collapse around the content and; and am…

Lance: okay

Rick: and it would allow; it would essentially be artificially smaller than it would think it would be. Now, that’s not happening here at the moment; but am, okay. I see you’ve got a right float, you’ve got a right float and what’s this part right here? Oh, actually that is happening; that’s what’s happening right here. You can see how it 0px x 0px, right there; I mean right here? And that’s because you have this, well maybe that’s not why that’s there. I’m not sure why that zero by zero actually now that I say that, seeing is how the image is still very fixed in size. But what be useful to you is well first; oh, you don’t really have control over this do you? Because you are using the header image and the header image is placing itself automatically below your text box.

Lance: May it’d be just as easy to just go ahead and put a text box inside the header as anchor floated to the left?

Rick: Yeah, and then what you would do is…and then what you would do is use that; use div id header and then use that clearfix solution that I showed.

Lance: right

Rick: So, you know it would be something like this; you know, #header:after and then the clearfix. And that would clear the header float and make the header cover everything that was being floated.

Lance: okay…

Rick: The other thing to consider here is I don’t know if you watched the, I don’t know if you watched the…the seminar for the DIY Web builder?

Lance: No, I have not.

Rick: Okay, You should watch this seminar Thesis 2.1 for DIY Website Builders; well, probably you should watch both of them because…but this one shows, no it isn’t. This is the one that shows how to create a two-column header and still retain the responsiveness.

Lance: Okay

Rick: And that’s exactly what you would doing here right, you’re doing this. So you want the header image to bop at up above the menu and responsive.

Lance: I wanted the menu to be at the side of the header.

Rick: Even at 300 pixels wide?

Lance: Oh, maybe not. Okay, it has to what you’re saying.

Rick: Yeah, because both of them would be tiny…
Lance: (laughs)

Rick: So, both seminars together I mean start here and then go to here; but both seminars together demonstrate how to create additional columns like that and make them responsive using the current media queries that Thesis Classic Responsive comes with. It makes it a lot easier for you.

Lance: Ah, one other question for you I hope you don’t mind.

Rick: Yup

Lance: I saw you pop over to the what it look like the old Thesis Design controls?

Rick: yeah…

Lance: Where are these located in Thesis 2.1?

Rick: Oh no, the old controls aren’t. That’s why I had two sites open.

Lance: right

Rick: I had the development site open and I had the other site open.

Lance: okay

Rick: and the reason for having both sites open so that I could look at the Design Options and make sure I had the right settings. Although, I didn’t do that as often as I should have because I relied on the tools I really rely on which is inspect element and pick color and all that stuff inside the browser but.

Lance: right, right, right. That’s pretty much have to stay open. well, thank you for your time sir.

Rick: You’re welcome, you have a great day!

Lance: You as well!

Rick: bye…Okay, let’s see; anybody else? It’s looking like that is the end of the questions unless somebody else has a question. I want to make sure that all the questions get answered here but I’m also happy to call it a day. So, I guess that’s what we’ll do. We’ll be back again tomorrow at nine o’clock and at five o’clock pm Pacific Daylight Time; for live q and a. I’ve haven’t looked at those questions yet, so I don’t know how many questions have been asked but I’ll try to demonstrate; oh, yeah I’m going to demonstrate converting a 2.0 site over to 2.1 that’s what I’m going to do. As well as answer questions and then Thursday we have the e-commerce series that takes up from where we left off last Thursday. So, stay tuned you know there’s going to be a whole bunch of Thesis 2 Seminars coming up. And for those of you who are Genesis enthusiasts we will also be doing new seminars for Genesis 2 as soon as it makes its way out of the door. So, everybody have a lovely day and I look forward to chatting with you all again soon. Bye bye.

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