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Upgrade a Thesis 1.8.5 Site to Thesis 2.1 Using the Classic Responsive Skin – Part 2 – Review the Existing Thesis 1.8.5 Page Structure

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Here we are with Thesis 2.1 is installed and the next thing that we need to do is to take a look at what our page structure is going to be here.

You’re going to see the benefit of having a live site up and running while working on a development site because here in a moment we’re going to switch back and forth to see what our settings are on here versus what our settings are on the live Thesis 1.8.5 site.

Review Existing Site Layout

The way this works is we have a full width header and we have a somewhat styled menu with a feature box area. The way this was developed was without a feature box but we’ll put a feature box into this one.

Front Page

And then, the front page has this single column and then it’s got a three-column footer or a 2-row footer. One row has this, a link to Robin’s site. The second row has the copyright information and the second column has a little thank you. So, we have this three-column footer that we’re going to have to set up obviously we have a background color and a footer color.

Typical Page

Then if we go to our regular pages you see we’ve got a two-column set up elsewhere. Now, it doesn’t look particularly complicated but it does have some things that we’ll have to do with custom code in order to make this work so. That is roughly what we have.

Header Images

We also have a couple of different header images. So the blog has this “shooting hoop the american dream” but if we click on it, “hoop the american dream” is the name of the book. So, “shooting hoop the american dream” is the blog header and this is the regular header so we’re going to have a couple of different header systems.

Custom Files

Let’s take a look at the custom files and we’re going to look at them in the live site because the custom files are no longer available to us in the development server. So, if we come over and look under Thesis Custom File Editor there are three custom files that we have to look at. We have the custom.css, we have the byob-custom.css which is the file that my plugins create and then we have custom_functions.php.

In custom.css we have these two pieces of codes we have that to work with. In byob-custom.css, there’s quite a bit of extra code in here that we are going to need to reference when we are making the conversion. In custom_fuctions.php there is no custom php code so fortunately we don’t have to deal with that. So, we’ll be looking at custom.css and byob-custom.css files in this conversion process.

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