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Upgrade a Thesis 1.8.5 Site to Thesis 2.1 Using the Classic Responsive Skin – Part 10 – Setup Home and Archive Templates

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We’ve just finished setting up the Single Template in this upgrade from Thesis 1.8.5 to Thesis 2.1 and now, we’re going to go set up the Blog Page. But it actually doesn’t look like there’s anything for us to do to the Blog Page except for the footer because we already changed the Home Page’s header.

Home Template

So, let’s go to the Skin Editor and to the Home page. Open up the footer. And we are going to do Footer Bottom, Footer Top, Footer Top Widget Area; shift+drag Footer Top Widget Area to the Top, shift+drag Bottom to the Footer, shift+drag Top to Footer. Save the template, refresh our view and it’s working.

Archive Template

So really the last one we have left to do is the Archive. And we want the Archive pages to be set up exactly like the Home page. What we’re going to do differently here is we’re going to come over to the Archive and we’re just going to copy the Homepage to the Archive. So, here we are on archive; we are going to copy from template. That is our Home page, copy that template, save it, and now our Archive is the same as that is the Home page.

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