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Upgrade a Thesis 1.8.5 Site to Thesis 2.1 Using the Classic Responsive Skin – Part 6 – Setup the Front Page Template – Content Area

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The next thing that we’re going to do is create this, that is to say we’re going to set up the content area of the Front Page Template in Thesis 2.1.

We’ll begin by getting rid of this column here. So we’re going to come back over to the Skin Editor and we’re going to look at the Landing Page template. Because the Landing Page template is essentially laid out in a single content column. It’s got content and wp loop doesn’t have any special class. Let’s see does it have a special body class? No, does not have a special body class. It’s still called a container.

Inside the container is the Content Column called content. If we look over here, oh it’s not inside of the columns. If we look back at our Front Page our Content Columns it sits in front of columns. So, all we have to do is drag the Content Column out of Columns and then down below Header. Then shift+drag Columns out and drop it there. Save our template and I believe we’re going to have a one-column now; yes, we are.

What we don’t want is all of what’s shown here. So in our Content Column we are going to just get rid of the Headline Area altogether. And probably the safest way to do that is to drag everything out of its secondary container into the Post Box and then drag down into the tray. So, well drag the Headline Area out of here and then we’re going to drag the Edit Link, Date, Author, Headline, Author Avatar, Featured Image and Post Image out. The only thing that we are going to have there is content.

So we now have the content area of the Front Page Template set up so that it is essentially the way she wanted it to look. Now, personally I would take the slider and put it inside of a feature box but we’re going kind of long now. So, I don’t think I will do that today.

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