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Upgrade a Thesis 1.8.5 Site to Thesis 2.1 Using the Classic Responsive Skin – Part 12 – Transfer Thesis 2.1 Design to Live Site

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Now that we’ve gotten this far with upgrading this site from Thesis 1.8.5 to Thesis 2.1, we’re really going to have fun because now we are going to transfer it from the development server to the live site. Here we are that is live.

Deactivate Plugins and Backup Site

We’re going to come over to the Plugins first and deactivate all the BYOBWebsite plugins. The next thing we’re going to do is back this up. Complete back up right now. Actually I should have backed it up before I deactivated the plugins but in case all hell breaks loose we have our back up ready to set up again.

If you’re not familiar of what I just did I just used BackupBuddy to back up. I’m in the process of backing up the site right now. This backs up the whole site both the database and everything else.

Upload and Activate the Thesis Theme

Once that’s done, then we’ll come over here to Appearance and Themes, and we’re going to install a theme. Upload it choose the file and we’re looking for Thesis,, yes. Let’s activate it and refresh it to see what it looks like. Fine so far.

Backup and Export Site

Then we’re going to come over here to the Skin Editor, go to Manager, I’m going to create a back up and this is going to be Initial 2.1 upgrade. Okay, I’m going to export that and I want Boxes, Template, Variables, Skin CSS, Custom CSS, everything; we’re going to export everything.

Import Skin Data

We’re going to come over to here and go to Boxes and Manage Boxes and install my box. Activate the box then we’ll come over here to Skin Editor, Manager, import skin data and that was in our downloads. So, Thesis Classic, I just downloaded this, so we’re going to open that up. Import that data. Let’s refresh it and see what it looks like. Okay.

Setup Widgets

Now, we just need to put our widgets in. Actually I think my box, footer widgets I need to take that into 2. Okay, then we go over to Appearance and Widgets; and so we have in the news, pre-order, the book and stay connected. In the Header Widget Area we had these two, in the Footer Top Widget Area we had this one and Widget 1 it was the copyright and in Widget 2 is this.

Review the Site and Make Changes

So, let’s refresh it again see what we’ve got. Hmmm, not quite right. Something is slightly amiss so let’s come over to Thesis and Content, let’s make sure that stuff is turned off. Yeah, it’s supposed it be turned off. Sidebar, our text box is supposed to be turned off, those things should be turned off.

Oddly enough the Display Options did not import when this happened. Everything else seems to have but not this Display Options. So, it’s worth just double checking all elements of the site. Also I’m sure the hoop shop has no longer the right page template. We have to come back over here and then pick the page template which is the No Sidebars page and update it.

Let’s view the page now. Great, so now I’m going to open it up to questions because we’ve successfully transferred. Once you set it up on your development server you can see how incredibly fast it is to take this and import it to another site.

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