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Using the Agility Skin for Thesis 2 – Part 6 – Agility Skin Content Options

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Now let’s talk about Agility’s skin content options. Let’s come back over to Thesis and skin content and you can see that Agility has, by default, these skin content options.

Copyright Options

You have the copyright. All you really have to do is put your company name in here. I’ll add and then add the date you started your business which was 2010 for us.

Now when we view the site down here at the bottom you can see there’s the copyright, “Copyright 2010-2014 All Rights Reserved”. We specified the name of the company and the start date and all the rest of it was handled by this copyright box.

Footer Menu Options

Next up in skin content is the footer menu. Again we already looked at that when we did the initial setup of Agility but that’s where you set which menu you’re going to use as the footer menu.

Footer Widgets Options

The next one is footer widgets. This is the top footer widget area and you can choose the number of widgets you want to display. Right now it’s set to display 4 and that’s what it’s set by default but you can always change it to 3.

I’ll do that to show you. So save the design options, come back over and refresh it. Now it’s got 3 footer widgets instead of 4. I’ll just set that back to 4 but you can set it from 1 to 4.

Read More Link Options

The Read More link allows you to change the text of the Read More link on your archive pages. Right now if we come over to Articles, you can see it says Read More but you can always change it to “Read My Brilliant Article” or whatever you like. So, I’ll do that and when you refresh it, the Read More link now says “Read My Brilliant Article”. So you can set that in skin content.

Top Menu Options

The top menu is the place you set the top menu and, again, we did that earlier. That top menu is the menu up here.

Attribution Options

Finally there’s attribution. I don’t actually use the attribution but you can use it if you wish. If you are using it you can put your attribution text there and then if you use the little attribution box it’ll show up there. So those are the skin content options.

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