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Using the Agility Skin for Thesis 2 – Part 12 – Agility Smart Widget Columns System

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The last thing I want to talk in this seminar on the Agility Skin for Thesis is is the Agility smart widget columns. The Agility smart widget columns is another box you can add and it’s right here, Agility smart widget columns.

Example: Add Smart Widget Column to Header

I’ll show you an example. Let’s add it to the header for the moment. Header area page and let’s call it Header Widget Columns. Once we add that to the template and save it, now we can go back over to Thesis skin content and you see we’ve got this header widget columns thing.

Add Name and Description

Let’s open it up. We have to give it a unique name, so let’s call them Header Widgets. If you don’t give it a unique name things break. So Header Widgets and you can give it a description if you wish. We’ll say “Widgets that show up in the custom header”.

Choose Number of Widgets

Then you can choose how many widget areas you want. We’ll set it up as 2 widget areas. When you set this up it’s going to always set up such that your widget areas are equal size. So if you pick 2 widgets it’s going to have 2 widgets of equal size.

You don’t have control over the widths beyond saying how many of them there are going to be but once you do that you can come over here to Appearance and Widgets. Notice now that we have header widgets that show up here, Header Widgets 1 and Header Widgets 2 and now you could add something to those widgets.

If we reload this, there’s our widget areas. Here’s the widget box called Header Widgets 1 and widget box called Header Widgets 2. Once you’ve made that decision you can say, I think I want to change that. I want to come back over here to skin content and I’m going to make that 4 widgets and so now you’ve got 4 of them.

Example: Footer Widget Area

This is how the top footer widget area was created. The top footer widget area was created using this Agility smart widget columns box and it allows the end user to specify how many footer widgets they want to show up there.

Responsive Nature

Agility comes with a number of very powerful features that are specifically designed to allow you to manipulate the way your site looks without resorting to code and to keep all of that manipulation responsive. That’s really what I’m focused on, making sure that if you decide to restructure your template, that when you do so it stays responsive.

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