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Using the Agility Skin for Thesis 2 – Part 13 – Question and Answer

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That wraps up my presentation for the day. Tomorrow we’re going to talk all about styling and customizing the appearance having done all this stuff but I’m going to take questions now.

Do You Have to Give Different Class names to Multiple Full Width Headers?

Shawn asked, “If I use multiple full width headers do I have to give them different class names?” No, you don’t have to give them different class names. You can if you want to target some CSS to one header different than another so you can give it a different class name but you don’t have to.

Does Agility Nude Create Javascript?

Richard says, “Will Agility move JS to the bottom?” Well, Agility doesn’t have any JS, Agility itself does not create any javascript. The only javascript that shows up in the head of this website is stuff that WordPress requires so if we view the page source and we look at script well in fact, there isn’t any script in the head.

Yes, there is CSS but there is no script in the head. All the script is loaded at the bottom. If you are doing something that is loading script in the head, it’s not because you’re using Agility or Carta or even Thesis for that matter.

Now there are things that do require javascript to be placed in the head and as long as you use those things, you don’t have any way around it but by definition Agility doesn’t use any javascript any way and it definitely doesn’t add javascript to the head of the site. Anybody else have a question?

How to Organize Media Files?

Tom asked, “What does it mean to organize my uploads into months, etc? What’s the best practice for organizing media files?” Well, I don’t have any answer for best practice. The only default practice, you have 2 choices by default under these media settings.

You can either let the media library stick your images into folders that area named by month and year or you can uncheck that and it sticks them all in one folder. I prefer to stick them all in month and year, I always leave that alone but you can choose to just stick them in one folder if you perceive some benefit to that.

In terms of organizing hundreds and hundreds of images, you probably need some kind of an add-on plugin if you want to try and add hundreds and hundreds of images. There are add-on plugins that allow you to add taxonomies to your images and then sort your images by taxonometric terms and that kind of stuff. I haven’t ever used them but they do exist.

Additional Features to Look Forward to in Agility Nude

Anybody else have questions about the stuff we talked about today in Agility? I’m still open to taking them. Okay well, there are a few other things that I intend to add to Agility over time. One of them is the ability to add the FitVids Javascript to the site. If you are using Vimeo or Youtube or other kinds of video like that to make them responsive, I plan to add the ability to add Font Awesome to Agility so those kinds of things are going to be coming up in the future.

Essentially Agility and Carta have the same features so Agility and Carta essentially are developed at the same time and if I have an error in Agility I usually have it in Carta and vise versa. I generally fix them both in both places and update one within days of updating the other one so that there’s no underlying functional difference between Agility and Carta, it’s just the stylistic difference.

What Version of Thesis Runs BYOBWebsite?

Dolores asks, “What’s BYOBWebsite done in?” Well, BYOBWebsite is still Thesis 1.8.5. I am redeveloping it in Agility but it’s currently Thesis 1.8.5. The reason is because I have so much custom programming that I just haven’t being able to bring myself to finishing rewriting the programming so that it works in Thesis 2.1 but it will be using Agility, some version of it or another.

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