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What’s New in Thesis 2.0 Part 2 – Parts of a Thesis Site

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In this session we discuss the 4 main elements of the Thesis 2.0 site: the Site Settings, Skins, Boxes and Packages. The core is in the Site settings that you’ve set. The Skins are essentially a collection of templates, styles and images that all work together to create the appearance. Boxes are similar to plugins and Packages are snippets of CSS code that you can add to your site.

4 Elements of a Thesis 2.0 Site

I briefly touched on skins, boxes, and packages. It’s important to understand that every Thesis 2.0 site now has 4 elements. First, it has the Thesis core and that is what you see here plus whatever settings you’ve set up in site wide settings. Then you have skins and skins are essentially a collection of templates, styles and images that all work together to create the appearance of the site. You can switch in between skins without losing anything from one skin to the next. So that’s a skin.

A box is similar to a plugin except it’s designed specifically to interface with Thesis and to take advantage of some of the Thesis settings. And in the coming days, you’ll see lots and lots of boxes that you can download. I’ve already written 2 boxes myself. One of them gives you a drag and drop Orbit slider and the other one creates a responsive header image. Those two boxes will be available on my site here very shortly.

And then finally, you have packages. Packages are little snippets of CSS code that can be added to your site and the packages interface directly with that CSS editor. They’re totally cool. I haven’t actually written a package yet but you’ll see, again, lots of these packages available for people to download. And I’ll be providing some of them free and I’ll be providing others simply for my members.

If you’re a long time member and you’ve been using my plugin you’ll see that most of my plugins are now obsolete with Thesis 2.0. All the Header Widget plugins and Footer Widget plugins and every widget plugin except for the Content Widget plugin is obsolete. Most of the styling plugins are obsolete because Thesis includes all that information from the get go. And so I’m going to be coming up with other cool things for you to use to build your site that you can add on to Thesis and those things will end up taking the form of boxes and packages.

2 Comments… add one
2 comments… add one
  • Dan January 11, 2013, 1:07 pm

    Just FYI… this video isn’t working. I get some long-winded error message about the stream not being found.

    • Rick Anderson January 12, 2013, 11:34 am

      When that happens wait a few minutes and try again, or try in a different browser.

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