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Add Social Media Icons to Posts in Thesis – Part 4 – Add the Buttons to the Bottom of the Page

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This is Part 4 of the Add Twitter, Facebook Like and Google +1 Icons to a Post in Thesis series. In this session, we show how to add twitter, facebook like and google +1 buttons at the bottom of a post in Thesis.

Video Transcript

Okay so that was what I wanted to show you. You can use this tool to place these things pretty much anywhere you want, whether it’s under the headline or it could be at the bottom of the page. You know, it could even be both places, right? It doesn’t have to be only one place. You could choose to do this in more than one place. You could do exactly the same thing here. You could add action… well, you could simply do this action again, right?

Or rather than doing this action again, you could simply do this action. You could say add action and then Thesis hook after post. I think that’s the right hook… after post, yeah. Thesis hook after post and then add value of this HTML again, byob add sharing HTML. We don’t need to save the javascript twice because the javascript has already been saved where we want it to. And the headline is already being saved right after the headline so right now, what we have to do is call that function again at the after post.

So we just come over here, upload that, come back over to our page. Let’s go to our blog post. There it is down at the bottom again as well as at the top. If we come over here, here it is at the top of her page. Scroll down, there it is at the bottom of her page. And we’ve done it in both places and that’s only happening on the post. If you go to the About Marty page, this only happens up at the top… oh, pardon me. I didn’t add it to the About Marty page. I added it to the success coaching page. It shows up at the top but not down at the bottom because that’s not how we set it up.

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