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Custom Front Page Loop that Displays One Post from Each Category – Part 2 – Create the Static Front Page

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This is the second in a short series on creating a custom home page that will display the first post from each category.  In this second part we create a static front page and give it a custom template.  We briefly discuss what a static front page is.

Video Transcript

Rick: So what we’re going to work on right off the bat then is just listing the first post in each category, displaying its image and displaying the category name. That’s the first thing we’ll do and then we’ll just kind of iterate through it, adding more and more stuff to it.And so, this is the file that I wrote for this and actually, the first thing I want to do is I’m just going to comment this stuff out. Save it, let’s connect up to Laurraine, content, themes and this is in WordPress 3.2 release candidate 1 and Thesis 1.8.1. None of this is going to be any different in WordPress 3.1 or even 3.0.

Laurraine: I have the same.

Rick: Okay so let’s just upload this revised custom functions and the first thing we need to then is create or structure this so that we’re not actually talking about the homepage but we’re talking about the front page. And so, if we go down to Reading Settings, our front page is going to display a static page and we’ll make that home and then to the extent, we want to show posts separately. You don’t, right? But I’ve created a page for it anyway so we’ll just call it blog and we’ll hit save changes.

Laurraine: Am I going to be able to study…after the webinar is over?

Rick: Yes now this webinar will be posted online. It’s going to be posted on the site and all this will be visible.

Laurraine: Oh fantastic. So I don’t have to write anything down?

Rick: No, you don’t have to write anything down although concept here is a WordPress concept, front page versus home page. In WordPress, homepage is always your blogs page and front page is a static page. Okay so now we come back over here. I don’t have a blog page on the navigation bar. So the blog page won’t be accessible but now we have our homepage, right? And what we’re going to do is disconnect the homepage or make the homepage into a custom template so if we edit this page and instead of the default template, we have the custom template and update that. It’s going to look exactly the same as it did before because I haven’t removed the custom template sample that Thesis automatically adds but we’ll do that next.

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