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Customize Next & Previous Posts Links

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Part 1 – Understanding How Thesis Uses The Links

This is the 1st in an 8 part series that shows how to customize the Next Post/Previous Post links in Thesis. A member wants to substitute images for the text in the links that display on the bottom of posts and archives. We start off by looking at the various places this shows up by default in the site and then look at the filters Thesis has for customizing them.

Video Transcript Okay so the question here is Jeb wants to create a… he wants to have links in the place of images for… I’m sorry. He wants images in the place of links for previous posts and next post. And so for example, if we go to our blog page, what he wants to do is he wants to change this into an image or for example, this. He wants previous post to be an image and next post to be a different image and then he would also like a random post to be in between those and he’s got an example of this on this website here. This poorly drawn line’s website… if you select random here…this is the previous, this is the random and this is the former or next. And so what he wants to do is essentially that. So that’s what we’re going to do.

Now, this is also applicable to our Community Library case study because Pam wants to change the text in here so that it looks… it doesn’t say previous post and next post. So I figured we could kill a couple of birds with one stone while we work on this.

So the first part of accomplishing this is to recognize… let’s see here, is to recognize the different flavors of that. Now, WordPress has 3 flavors of it but Thesis only has 2. And we’re going to use the Thesis version because Thesis is intending us to do so. The first is the… are the links that are on single posts. So that is this previous post and next post. This configuration only exists on a single post.

However, if we go to a category post or an archive post, you can see previous entries or next entries…or if we do it on the blog where it says… and go to previous entries where you’ve got previous entries and next entries. This is the other place where it shows up and manipulating them is… the process is the same but you’re going to have to do both of them individually whether you’re doing it on a single post or on a collection of posts. And as luck would have it, Thesis anticipates the fact that you want to make that change and has created a filter for this and we’re going to take a look at those filters.

And so the filters for the single post are Thesis Next post and Thesis Previous post. These are the 2 filters that are designed to allow you to make that change. And then the filters for the collection of posts would be Thesis Next and Thesis Previous. So if we look at, for a moment, Thesis Next post, you can see that in the directions it says, “Use on single post pages.” So it’s only going to work on a single post.

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