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How to Add a Call to Action to the Thesis Header

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Part 1 – Install the BYOB Thesis Header Widgets Plugin

This is Part 1 of the series How to Add a Call to Action to the Thesis Header and in this session we show how to install and activate the BYOB Thesis Header Widgets and then navigate around the basic configuration area.

Video Transcript

The first thing we’re going to do is look at my new Thesis header widget. Now the plugins that I have created can be found here under Member Benefits and Plugins. And if we select plugins, it takes you over to the plugins page. And a number of these plugins already have detailed explanations for how to use but we’re going to look at one that doesn’t currently and that is the BYOB Thesis header widgets plugin.

So we will come over here and download it. This is the header widgets page and if we select the top link, it says download. It’s currently in version 1.1. I will continue to add new versions as I fix potential bugs and or as I add functionality. So always grab the latest version but we’ll go ahead and download this latest version of BYOB Thesis header widgets and it will… and it starts downloading there.

And so then we’re going to come over to this site and we’re going to add it to this site. I’m going to go to my dashboard and then add new plugins and then upload. Pardon me, choose a file and we’ll pick BYOB Thesis header widgets 1.1. Open, install now, okay and we’ll return to the plugins page and let’s see, there we are and we’ll activate it. Okay now that that plugin is activated, you’ll be able to find it down here under BYOB Thesis plugins. If you’re using multiple of my plugins then they’ll all show up below this. But if you’re only using the header widgets plugin then there’ll be only one choice for you here.

But we’ll go ahead and select header widgets and this is the initial configuration screen. And the way this plugin works is this allows you to create up to 2 widget areas in Thesis header. And so the very first question you have to ask is do you want one area or 2 areas? Now, if you only have one area, what you have is this overall header to configure and then you have the left header area to configure. We’re going to go ahead and say 2 areas and we’re going to say save changes.

And when you have 2 areas, you’ve got the overall header area, the left header area and the right header area that you need to configure.

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