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How to Add Cufon Fonts to Thesis – Part 3 – Troubleshooting

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Now that we have created the cufon function code, we test the font and troubleshoot issues that arise.

Video Transcript

Now we have to troubleshoot because we have up on our head our script calling, themes/thesis_182/custom_fonts/flux-architect.cufonfonts.js. It actually is calling that one. Let’s just make sure it exists.

Changing the Order of Writing Enqueue Scripts

“Uncaught ReferenceError. Cufon is not defined.” think what we have to do is write enqueue the script in a different order. We have to enqueue the scripts where we enqueue cufon-fonts first and flux-architect second. I’m guessing it’s going to solve the problem here. There it is, that’s what it was.

What had happened was it tried to call this registerfont but of course it didn’t know what cufon was because cufon wasn’t added first. Here we have our typical L1 and then you can see the h1, and you can see the h3 is even bolder. That’s what came out of that font replacement and if we come over and look at another page, you can see an h1 tag and an h3 tag and these are the only ones that are affected.

Okay, Rachel, I’ve just unmuted your microphone.

How to Create a Paragraph Text

Rachel: What if you want to do the paragraph text?

Rick: If you want to do a paragraph text, you would have to say that in the replacement. Let’s see, you don’t want to do bold of course so we’ll just do it this way, .format_text p and it has to go inside these quotes. So, .format_text p, that’s the body text inside the format text, there it is.

Rachel: Cool. Very nice. Okay, cool

Rick: It didn’t change any place else, it just changed that one spot.

Specify Font Style in the Navigation Menu

Rachel: Yeah, what is the navigation bar? Is that a separate…

Rick: Well, the font style is for the navigation menu are specified in the navigation menu. If you wanted the navigation menu to be a specific font style then you would again identify the font that’s being used there and it’s probably menu. You could easily .menu a and .menu a would probably do it. It will probably break the heck out of my site but we can try it.

Rachel: Alright.

Rick: Okay, anything else?

Rachel: No, that’s great. Thank you.

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