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How to Configure WordPress and Thesis as a Blog – Part 3 Thesis Settings

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This is part three of five in a series on how to configure WordPress and Thesis as a blog. In this session we go over Thesis Display Options and Comment Options and how to configure the comments the way you want them to look on your posts to pages.

Video Transcript

Okay so those are the WordPress settings. The next thing to do is take a look at the Thesis settings and the Thesis settings we care about are in Design Options.

And so, in Design Options, under Display Options first, we have this question about comments. If you expand that, you can disable comments on all pages and you can also display a comment that says “Comments are closed for this.” And so if we hit save now on this thing and come over and look at another Mr. Rainier picture, now it’s going to say, “Comments on this entry are closed.”

Now unfortunately, it’s also going to say that on the page. Oh no, it didn’t. Okay, perfect. It used to. It used to say “Comments on this entry are closed” but I guess that’s been fixed in the latest release. So you can display that message if you wish.

And then the next section over here is under Comment Options and Display Settings. And here under your Comment Options, you can display the comment, you can display the comment form, you can display trackbacks and you can rearrange them, right? You can rearrange these different pieces. Same thing is true with comments under comment meta. You can show the avatar, you could show the comment numbers, you can show the comment author’s name, you could show the comment date. You can have an Edit Comment link, you can you know, move these things around to organize them the way you want. You can specify the size of the avatar whether it’s 44 pixels or 96 pixels. You can specify the format in which you want the comment time or comment date. And you’ll see this little note down here that if you are using threading and pagination then you’re not going to see comment numbers which is fine. But these are places where you can organize the stuff the way you want it.

And again, the same thing is true with comment body. You can include, in the comment body, you can include the comment text and you can also include the comment reply link. And then you can show, if you’re showing trackbacks, you can show the trackback date.

So there’s a lot of potential settings that you can set here for comments that enable you to configure the comments the way you want them to look on your posts or pages.

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