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How to Create and Add a Favicon to your Thesis Website – Part 2 – Add the Favicon

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In the previous video we taught you how to create a favicon. Here we show you how to add it to your Thesis based WordPress site using the favicon uploader under the Thesis menu.

Video Transcript

So the next thing to do then is once you have a favicon image is to add the favicon image to your site. So we’ll go down to Thesis Favicon Uploader and then choose the file and we have to go to My Downloads folder which is where I have that. And let’s see, it’s going to be an .ico file. There we go, we open that, we upload it and there we have it.

Now we have this favicon added to the site and anytime somebody goes to the site and you can test this yourself at, the favicon will show up there. So that’s how to create the favicon and add it using the Thesis options.

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