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How to Create Multiple Menus with Multiple Drop Down Levels

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Part 1 – Install the BYOB Thesis WP Menus Plugin

This is the first video in a tutorial series on how to create multiple WordPress menus with multiple drop down levels. In this session, we install our BYOB Thesis WP Menus plugin and then create multiple menus that we’ll be adding to the site.

Video Transcript

Member: What I wanted to understand is I need to create two set of navigation menus on my website.

Rick: Yep

Member: I’m trying to create a site which is going to be a combination of blog and U pages, static pages.

Rick: Yeah

Member: What I intend to do is I’ll have two set of menus: one is on right side above the header and then second one below the header. The one at the top is going to hold all the static pages. The one below the header is going to have categories as menu with the three level navigation.

Rick: Ok, we’re in the perfect condition to show this to you right now. So what we’re going to start off with is adding a plugin to the site. And we’re going to add my WP Menus Plugin to the site so that we can add a second menu. So that’s the first thing that we’re going to do. Go to plugin, Add new and we’re going to upload, choose the file > byobwebsite > plugins and we are using the WP Menus plugin and install it.

Now the WP Menus Plugin lets you add additional menus. As it turns out on this site, I have already created two menus. I have my main menu which has Home, which has static pages and actually it also has categories. But I’m going to get rid of the categories. So, I’m going to remove, remove, remove, remove and remove. So all I have here is Static Pages and I think I’m going to add a couple static pages. So I’m going to add Thumbnail Expand on hover, I’m going to add First Album. Ok, so those are my static pages and then I have a menu that I created called Category. And that Category menu has the Fruit Categories, but I’m going ahead and add the rest of the Categories too.

So the way to that is come down here to the categories and I’m going to select the NextGen Examples, Single Images and then…oh, I guess that’s it. Yep and so we’re going to add those to the menu. And for the time being I’m going to, I have these as… Ok, it’s not behaving quite right. I’m going to remove that for a second, so that everything is all on the same level. Add Apples back in now, add that to the menu. If we save this menu, now I have two menus. I have Category menu and I have a Main menu. These are all only single level at the moment.

So now I’m going to come over to my plugins and select WP Menus and I have Thesis Nav Menu which I’m not displaying because I’m not using Thesis Nav Menu. I have a Main Menu which I’m going to place at the very top of the site. Actually I’m going to place it to the header and not at the very top. And I want everybody to see the menu and that’s going to have a style similar to the Nav Menu. And then the second one is going to go after the header, that’s the Category menu. Again, I want everybody to see the menu and it’s going to have a style similar to Thesis Nav Menu. So we hit save. Come over to our site and refresh it. And now we have two menus, we have the Static pages menu and we have Categories menu. So if you click one of these categories menu, it takes you an archive page that show all of the post inside of those categories.

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