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How to Create Multiple Menus with Multiple Drop Down Levels – Part 4 – Create a New Menu

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This is the fourth video in a tutorial series on how to create multiple WordPress menus with multiple drop down levels. In this session, we show how to create a new menu. In WordPress 3.0 you can add a menu by going to the Appearance > Menus and click the Plus Sign Button (+) on the tab navigation and save menu.

Video Transcript

Member: And hopefully it would work.

Rick: The menus are easy to create, that was something I didn’t show you how to do. But all you have to do is come over here and press the Plus button and you know call this one Composite Menu, create the menu. And now this will give it some pages and we’ll give it some categories. And we’ll add those categories and those pages to the menu. So now it’s composite, right? And now we use it Composite but you can make some match, right? You can take a page and put under the category. So, you can make anything a child of anything else in this menu system. And then if we come back over on the WP Menus, now we got our Composite Menu here to choose from, right? And we can set this Composite Menu, let’s say we put that. We’re going to put that one also after the header. And we’ll let everybody see it and it will be the same as the Thesis Nav Menu. So we hit save and now we got our third menu that’s styled like a Thesis Nav Menu. Ok?

Member: Ok.

Rick: Anything else?

Member: No, that’s about it. I think I’m going to try it out right and then I’ll give you my feedback then.

Rick: Perfect.

Member: Thanks a lot for your time.

Rick: You bet’cha. You have a good evening.

Member: Thanks a lot, bye bye.

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