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How to Use Post Formats in Thesis

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Part 1 – What are Post Formats

A member asks how to create a site that looks like the Tumblr Safe Theme and can specify a post based on its type if it’s an image, video, audio, gallery etc. In part 1 of this series on Using Post Formats in Thesis, we explain what Post Formats are and show how to add them to Thesis using code added to the custom_functions.php file.

Video Transcript

Rick: Okay so the next person we’re going to go to is Rachel. Good morning Rachel.

Rachel: Hello. Hi, good morning.

Rick: How are you doing?

Rachel: Good. How are you?

Rick: I’m very good. So you asked me a really interesting question about how to create this Tumblr-style blog and you used this as an example. And the way this is accomplished is by using something called post formats. Now what is it about this that you wanted to accomplish though? Because maybe I’m misinterpreting your question.

Rachel: I wanted to be able to or for somebody to be able to specify a post based on its type, kind of.

Rick: Okay so the way the post formats are imagined as something that can be… that are sort of universal across all websites and across all themes. And each theme has its own way, perhaps of styling a post format. But nevertheless you know, there is this canonical list of post formats. You’re encouraged not to try to change that list. And then once somebody picks that post format then the theme author has the ability to decide how it will display. And as long as that’s what you’re after then the little presentation I made here is going to be useful. If that doesn’t really describe what you wanted to accomplish then what I’m going to talk about….

Rachel: I think so. I have looked at… to see if there were any plugins for it and the one that doesn’t work for it is the, like (2.14) themes (2.16) plugin and it basically you know, it has like options of posting an article, an image, a link, audio, video, quote and then you know…

Rick: Yes and so those are post formats. And what I’m going to show you then is how to craete post formats inside of Thesis. Now it’s a big topic, really. It encompasses a whole bunch of different stuff so I’m just going to scratch the surface on it and then if we need to… although I also don’t have any other questions today. So you know, I’m going to happy to stick with this subject until we’re… until you’re satisfied with it.

Rachel: Great. Thank you.

Rick: So the way that starts off is with code, as luck would have it. And the very first piece of code that you have to enter into your custom CSS file is this add theme support. And then what you’re adding theme support for is post formats. And then you list the post formats that you want to add theme support for. Now this is the list that WordPress has approved. So it’s the aside, gallery, link, image, quote, status, audio, chat, and video. Those are all the post formats that WordPress thinks are appropriate. If you were to add another post format, they would think it was not appropriate. But these are the ones that it considers to be appropriate. And each post, once you specify a post format, if you move to a theme that doesn’t support post formats, the post is still going to save that information. Because saving the information is saved directly with the post itself and the standard post format… well, I think it’s called standard. I think that’s it. They’re automatically… everything gets standard post format. And then as soon as you enable these other post formats, if you select it then that stays with that post even if you switch to a theme that no longer supports post formats. It’s still going to keep that new designation that you gave it. And then if you switch to another theme that has post… that supports post formats then that other theme will pick up on the setting that you made. So this is… a lot of things you might do in Thesis, you lose entirely if you switch to a different theme but this is not one of those things.

Rachel: Okay cool.

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