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Thesis Post Image and Thumbnails – Part 2 The Default Settings

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This is Part 2 of the Thesis Post Image and Thumbnails series and in this session we discuss what the default settings are in Thesis Design Options for Post Image and Thumbnails and how to set it up.

Video Transcript

Now the next thing we’re going to look at in this is how to set the default settings. So if we come over here to Thesis Design Options, the default post image and thumbnail settings can be found here under Post Image and Thumbnails. We’ll look at the default post image settings first so there’s a little bit of explanation of the post image here you know, similar to what I’ve just said on some level. But in terms of the horizontal position, you can set it to be flush left with no text wrap or left allowing text wrap or right allowing text wrap or centered with no wrap.

And so in this case, let’s look at what that would look like here. Well if we move this, let’s just go ahead and do that, left with text wrap and hit save. And then come over and look at Cara Cara Oranges again, now what’s happened is this has dropped down and the text is coming up beside it. Now notice we didn’t set that specifically for this and the reason it’s working anyway is because we haven’t overridden the default for the position originally, the new default applies. And since the new default was you know, flush left with text wrap, that’s what happened here.

However, we did change the default location of it. It used to be above the title and in fact if we go back and edit that post and give its location back as above the headline and say update and then view that post, you can see that it floats left and then it allows the headline to bounce up beside it and then it allows text to bounce up beside that. And all of that is being done you know, by the default setting of this.

So if we… and this is happening unless we had otherwise specified something else to happen on that specific page. So we’ll take this back to its original. Same thing is true with above headline, below headline or below post page content. You can easily set that vertical position here for every post on every page and the only ones that you have to change manually would be those that had a different designation on them. So default always kicks in unless there… unless you change the default on this specific page.

So next thing then is add a frame to post images which of course, we’ve just seen what that looks like. And then you have a couple of other interesting things here and what you can do with these next 2 checkboxes is you can disable the images on single entry page work. And the same thing is true with this that if we turn this off, it will disable the display of teasers on archive pages. So it won’t prevent the display of teasers but it will prevent the display o thumbnails on the teasers. Let’s try that and see if that works.

Let’s see, let’s look at the weekend events category. Okay so for the weekend events category, it has suppressed the display of the images here. So now the images are not showing and I believe that let’s see, let’s look at a different category. Let’s look at schools. Yeah so here’s another instance where the post images has been suppressed because of the way we clicked that button so it’s not just for events, it’s also for other posts. And if we turn this back on and we’ll just turn those both back on there because in fact, I want this stuff to show. Hit save.

Okay and so then the next thing we’re going to look at is the thumbnail options or the default thumbnail settings. And again, these exist similarly to the other. That is, you can set their position, their default position. You can set them horizontally and vertically. You can add a frame and you can specify a default thumbnail size. So instead of 66, you could be 100 by 100, for example. And if we float it left with text wrap and put it above the headline and hit save and then go back to the blog, you can see you know, our thumbnails have now gotten bigger. They used to be 66 by 66 and now, they’re larger. You can tell the difference here.

And so setting these things sets the default behavior.

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