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Thesis Post Image and Thumbnails – Part 4 Thesis Post Image and WordPress Images

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This is the final part of the Thesis Post Image and Thumbnails series and in this session we discuss how the Thesis Post Image relates to the WordPress System. We show how you can configure its size and alignment as well as how you can set an image as a Featured Image.

Video Transcript

And so the final part of this presentation is discussing how these things relate to the WordPress system. So for example,  you are here in this post, you could come along, in the middle of this and hit Insert Image, add an image, and you go to your Media Library and you could pick an image and you could give it no link URL and you could say Green Apple test as a title and perhaps as an alt tag. You could put it to the left allowing text to wrap around it and you could choose a size. If we insert it into our post and we go look at it in the visual view, you can see there the image has been inserted. And if we look at the post itself… oh I’m sorry. What post am I in? Cara Cara Oranges. Did I fail to hit update? I must have. And then refresh.

And so that’s what happens here right? We end up with this image inserted into the post. Well, when you are inserting an image into the post… in the first place, you can see that there is absolutely no relationship whatsoever between this and this, right? The post image and thumbnail is something that Thesis controls and that Thesis uses to generate thumbnail images out of this post image and it places this post image in a specific location in the post itself. Whereas, this method, you can put in an image anywhere you want except that Thesis doesn’t interact with it. Thesis is not going to use it to create a thumbnail view and you won’t see a thumbnail of this inside of a teaser. So that is sort of the difference here.

Now there’s one more little bit of terminology to interact on this regard and that is something that is new to WordPress since 3.0. And this new thing to WordPress since 3.0 is not being used by Thesis but it’s called a featured image. And so we could, from our Media Library you know, grab an image and…oh, interesting. Okay since this… since featured images aren’t activated in this theme, the button here that says use as featured image doesn’t exist. But sometimes, for example, if you’ve got NextGen Gallery installed, you might see a button here that says “Use as featured image” and a featured image is essentially a recent WordPress innovation that tries to do the same thing as the Thesis post image. That is, it becomes the image that a theme designer can use to insert in a similar location to this, right? That is, if you use a featured image then the theme designer can capture the featured image and say display it here specifically and can also use it to generate thumbnails and then place thumbnails wherever they want them.

And so that is the WordPress featured image and if you’ve used other modern WordPress themes, you will have seen the featured image dialogue. In fact, if we go over and look at themes here, I think it’s probably in 2010. I haven’t looked at 2010 for a while. If we activate 2010 though and then we go to a post and edit it, now there is a thing here that says featured image. You could set the featured image by picking one from the Media Library and you know, that could be Green Apple test. And there is this little link down here that says use as featured image.

And so you could certainly do that in a theme other than Thesis but it doesn’t work in Thesis so it’s not really… the reason I described this is because when you see the term “featured image”, I want you to understand that it’s something different than an image that’s inserted into a post and also, something different than the Thesis post image. It is a thing unto itself that is separate from Thesis and separate from this ordinary process of inserting images into the midst of a post.

Okay and so then that pretty much wraps up the conversation about Thesis post image and thumbnails and how they relate to WordPress images.

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