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Troubleshooting Thesis Custom Templates

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Part 1 – Empty Content Area

A member is having difficulty with his Thesis Custom Template. His page doesn’t show any content when he selects the custom template. All that shows is the header and the footer. We look at the reason why this can be the case and discover that the file he is editing is not the file that is being uploaded to his website.

This is a live example of why I teach the method of file editing and ftp synchronization that I teach.

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Video Transcript

Jason: Okay, I have a couple of questions and I’m actually still bringing it up on my screen. The big thing is back with this…creating a custom template and my guess is we might need to do a little screen sharing to do this. But basically I’m working with code.

Rick: Let me put on… let me make you a presenter here and then we can go ahead and take a look at your screen. Let’s see, I’m going to make you a presenter and…

Jason: Share my screen… so you should be able to see my screen now. What I’m doing here is adding the number… this is code that we set up. When you explained on one of your tutorials, we worked with a few weeks ago, to create a sign up bar for a custom page that I wanna be able to use at the squeeze page or the landing page. Okay, so what I did was I just inserted the page number in the page that I wanted for this page. I just tried this yesterday, it was coming off very wacky on my screen. So now we’ll go back over here, so that looks that’s page 938. If we switch this to… so by going over here and by switching this to custom template and then update, here we go. And this is even different from what I was doing yesterday. Yesterday was something… did I not see it correct? Oh, probably just didn’t see it, that’s why. Okay, hold on, let me save this first. Yeah, you’re following what I’m doing?

Rick: Yes.

Jason: Yes, hang on for a bit because I know I just kinda jumped right in. Okay that’s save so if we go over here, reload.

Rick: Okay, I’m going to mute you while I talk here.

Jason: Okay.

Rick: So when this happens here, well, actually go back to your browser for a moment. So when this happens, that is you’ve got your header and you’ve got your footer and nothing in between and you have it set as a custom template, that means that the custom template code is not being applied to this page. Now there are a variety of reasons, one of them could be that the custom code’s not being applied to the page because you have the wrong page number. But I know that’s not the case because I saw that page number 938 in the edit window. Another one is because that file might not actually be uploaded to the correct place. And then I guess one other possibility is that there’s simply an error in the code. So let’s start by looking at your file… well, actually let’s start right there. Why don’t you go ahead and scroll down to Thesis and open up the Thesis Custom File Editor. So yeah, there you go. Go ahead and open that up and go down to Custom File Editor. And then what we’re going to do is we’re going to look and see what code is actually loaded for this. Now, instead of Custom CSS, select Custom Functions PHP. Yeah, go ahead and select Edit selected file and then when that shows up, now what I want you to do is just scroll slowly through the code. In fact, actually, yeah okay, hang on. So scroll down to the code where it gets to your custom template. Okay, you can see that this is for page 625 which means that you did not upload that file. I mean, you didn’t upload it to your website or you’re editing the wrong file. And I’m going to put you back on line here now. So…

Jason: This is very strange because this is the file that I opened. I believe it’s the right file. I can open it again.  625, I just didn’t save. I don’t understand that. 938, I did press save, right? I thought I did.

Rick: Well…

Jason: 625. It’s weird, it’s like not saving.

Rick: Actually the problem is, well, there’s a couple of problems. One of them is that probably, the file in your text editor was not this same file. It was probably located some place else. And so actually, I would be willing to bet you that the custom functions.php on the left there, probably is not the one that you were editing. Although it says 12/19, maybe you just didn’t upload it. I see it’s 12/20 and you can see that over on the left, it says 12/19. So well, anyway, why don’t you go back to your browser now and see how that looks and I’ll turn your microphone back on.

Jason: Okay. Ah, okay. So we just made some progress. Well, that’s great. We figured that part out. I think it just didn’t save properly for some reason, first time I pressed save. I don’t know, I might have done something wrong.

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