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Troubleshooting Thesis Custom Templates – Part 5 – Custom Sidebar Content

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The member wants to have a specific custom template sidebar and also wants to have varying content in each of those instances of the sidebar. We discuss using a plugin for controlling which widgets are displayed on which pages.

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Video Transcript

Jason: Okay well the only other thing and thank you for all this, this is so helpful. I’m not even sure what I’m doing right now, the only other thing has do with this sidebar and this is… you know, if I go to my widgets, I have the option to include a sidebar. Will that be the same sidebar, well the same sidebar for every landing page class? Do you follow me? Or can I add sidebars on different pages?

Rick: The way it works is that it’s not so much the custom class of landing page, it’s the custom template. So that landing page sidebar, that sign up sidebar is part of the custom template that you described. And so every time you use that custom template, every time you use say, if this page array blah blah blah blah… each one of those pages are going to have that same sidebar in it. Now, however, well actually, maybe that’s what you want. I’m turning you back on. Is that what you wanted?

Jason: No, I think for now that will work. I’d like to be able to put different content on the different landing pages. Ideally, that’s the way it would work.

Rick: Okay, and so the way you do that is… the easiest way to handle that is just to use a plugin to adjust which widgets go where. And I have a video on that… I’m just going to run you over there real quick. Let’s see, video lessons… and it’s under the ecommerce section. I’m going to make a version of it to stick under Plugins but right now, under ecommerce if you…oh, it’s Lesson 13: Control Which Widgets Display on Which Pages. And that shows you how to use a plugin that will allow you to decide which widgets go where. If you look at my widgets panel, and I’m using a different plugin for the purpose, but the idea’s still going to be the same. If you look at My Widgets panel here, my sidebar 1 has tons of different widgets in it. But if you’d go to one of the pages and look at sidebar1 and this is not a good example because this is actually a testimonial sidebar for this page. Oh no, this is sidebar1 and the only thing that’s in sidebar1 is this one widget that shows all these testimonials. And so… and the way I’ve accomplished that that’s this widget right here. The way I accomplished that is by using a plugin that allows me to say which widget should display where and the one that I teach in Lesson 13 is probably a bit easier to use than the TS Custom Widgets which is what I am using here on this site. So, does that answer your question?

Jason: That is great. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. This is a huge, huge help. Thank you, Rick.

Rick: No problem. Talk to you later.

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