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Using the Thesis Navigation Menu

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Part 1 – Introduction

In this beginner series we are exploring all the aspects of the WordPress and Thesis interface. We begin with what the Thesis Site Options are and what they do for your site. In this video we look at the Navigation Menu options and in particular the Select Menu Type. Here you can choose from two kinds of navigation menus either the Thesis nav menu or the WordPress nav menu. By default the Thesis nav menu is placed above the header and you can change its appearance in Design Options.

Video Transcript

Okay the next thing we’ll talk about is the navigation menu. Now, Thesis supports 2 different types of navigation menus. It supports the WordPress navigation menu and it supports its own navigation menu. In this first part of the conversation, we’re going to discuss the Thesis navigation menu.

Now by default, the Thesis navigation menu is placed here above the header and it behaves you know, in a certain way. The design of this Thesis navigation menu is affected under Design Options. This the place where you can change colors and fonts and font styles and font colors and borders and all the rest of that kind of stuff. You can change the appearance of that navigation menu here but you actually choose the functionality of it here.

So if we choose the Thesis nav menu, well first, if we choose the WordPressnav menu, you can see all the rest of those options go away, right? A whole bunch of stuff is not there anymore. If you choose Thesis nav menu then you have pages, categories, add more links, home link and feed link. So we’ll leave thesis nav menu selected for the moment so that we can edit the menu using these elements.

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